Oh my oh my

Well what happened to January. In my defence it's summer and we are off and about enjoying ourselves - particulary now we have discovered the joy and wonder of snorkeling. Have been and had lots of BBQs and I'm cooking like a crazy woman. Work is clearly getting in the way of all the good times, but we have another 2 weeks off soon and are heading back to the South Island for some more tramping - uphill this time - may be tough!!

Tomorrow is Whatangi Day, a very important day in the NZ calender and something I should tell you all about so must do some research on that point. But it is also Adams birthday and we're at work so that little bit of research will have to wait a while.

For now I am content to look at snowy pics of home, miss my friends and family (and UK shopping and all my possessions) and plan the next adventure. But if anyone does want to visit Lizzie's attic and find something to post to me I'm not going to complain!! Why did I not bring my cookie cutters, pestle and mortar, jam making equipment, rolling pin, all my cookery books....................


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