Chasing the Sun

As a transition from one job to the next or a homage to night shifts which are now gone or maybe just because we can; we took a trip. An overnight adventure in the van. Sunset in the west, Muriwai beach in its windswept and sparkling finery then a drive through the night to catch the rising sun in the east. Hahei beach in its perfect glory with a swim as the sun rose. It was, as always, a wonderful adventure.

Make a cuppa, put your feet up, put groovy tunes on and watch the slide show

CCU concluded.....

Well after almost four years (yep, March 2008), of working in CCU at Auckland City Hospital, the time has come to move on. I'm not going far - across the corridor to the cardiology ward, a new job, new role and new challenge, now I do like those.
I started in CCU with a bang - that first shift made me feel so much at home and it's been a great ride since then.  I finished on a rather lovely and sedate night shift but I have made my presence felt for all the days in-between! Thank you to those who made my last night special.
The last shift

The fantastic hat - which is a marvel in folding up - was a present from Priscilla, thank you x

I scoured all the photos of CCU events I had uploaded to flickr - well it's weddings, Christmas days, food and parties. Enjoy the slideshow. 

Book Montage!

KT's 2011 book montage

Only Pack What You Can Carry: My Path to Inner Strength, Confidence, and True Self-Knowledge
Emergency Sex
Cat Among the Pigeons
The Kingdom
The Black Dahlia
The Corrections
A Tiny Bit Marvellous
The Princess Bride
The Wild Green Yonder: Ten Seasons Volunteering on New Zealand's Organic Farms
A Friend of the Family
This Book Is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All
Into the Wild
Michael Tolliver Lives
Toujours Provence
Red Azalea
One Day
The Happiness Project
Death at the Priory: Love, Sex, and Murder in Victorian England
The Forestwife Trilogy

Highlights of 2011

Highlights of 2011, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.

We had visitors. We walked and WOMADed. There were a lot of beaches. We gained a cat. I turned 40 in such style and wondrousness. We had a fabulous Christmas day with great mates. Thank you 2011, bring on 2012


Well that may be the last public holiday I work for a while. Life is about to change and like the tree I clambered over with such style and grace on New Years Day, it's all about the attitude you face it with. Me, I'm excited.

Speachless, singing and crying

Our movie list for 2011 (see below) wasn't looking as good as we wanted so we thought we'd end the year with a movie fest. Hell we were on holiday and the weather was decidedly non summer like. 

So it was three days, three movies, three different cinemas. A more eclectic mix of films and cinemas I dare you to find.

First up The Whistleblower at Devonports Victoria palace. Like walking into a mates room - albeit a large room set up as a cinema with a wine bar downstairs. I loved that the guy comes and talks to you all, chats about the trailers and clearly has a passion for movies. The Whistleblower did leave us speachless, stunned and a wee bit depressed. One of those good films that you're pleased was made but leaves you aching at the horror of how we treat each other.

Singing after the muppets was clearly a jolly way to spend the afternoon. Did all the kids cinema enjoy it as much as us, I do hope do, plus I know how a whole new song to sing when walking up a tough New Zealand hill. This time it was large multiplex Hoyts that kept us entertained. They do have very comfy seats.

Last up on our movie hat trick was red dog at the Lido. (an interesting (aside) site I found while looking for pictures) Rainy morning and a popular thing to do. We'd heard good things about this film 
and we weren't disappointed but me, who can cry at pretty much anything was really streaming tears. I'd thoroughly recommend it.

So now for that 2011 movie list

  1. Wild Target - watched at Berkely on Misson Bay with Adams parents
  2. Unknown - Premiere at Hoyts again with Adams parents
  3. True Grit - watched at The Capital
  4. Get Low - Lido for this one
  5. Thor - Back to Hoyts
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean - Premier seats again
  7. The Conspirator - back to the Lido
  8. Transformers - Misson Bay for this one
  9. Bridesmaids - and again
  10. Harry Potter - Premier lounge at Hoyts
  11. Cowboys and Aliens - into the city and gold class at Event
  12. Hanna - The Lido
  13. The Three Musketeers - Darwin Event 
  14. The Help - at the Lido
  15. Contagion - Back at Hoyts
  16. Puss in Boots - Misson Bay
  17. The Whistleblower - Victoria Place at Devonport
  18. The Muppets - Hoyts
  19. Red Dog - The Lido

2010 movie list here.


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