Winter Sunset

Feeling frustrated, even on my days off, not good. We head west, for a beach sunset. How great to be close to a place where you know you'll be treated to a great sunset and a lift for the soul. I think of friends and send a special message to Diane through the mystical sky

We don't make it in the van, so no dinner cooked while watching and listening to the sea, which was plan A, but heh. 

My days seems to be going a bit like that. Am I trying to do to much in one day or are the days really moving faster? 

We walk and breath and stretch and enjoy the space, sea, sky and sun. We feel better and then head home for a rather delicious dinner. Life is good, though confusing, frustrating and soul searching at the moment. 

Adam took some damn cool shots, see them here, Flickr, but I rather liked this one.

Autumn Escape

A little late, but a great couple of days away............

I'd love to work out how to get the music to the slide show, but in the meantime, please, use this link to hear the wonderful Anna Coddington, who, along with Julia Deans played at the Sawmill Cafe on the Friday night.


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