These boots

These boots, originally uploaded by Adam Drake Foto.

Boots make me think of friends, crazy but true and one of those conversations to have over wine or coffee I guess. Plus some of these friends have been reminding me lately how important each and every day is. To cherish, to smile and to love.

Roxburgh Rhubarb Cake

A new cookbook (yes, I know) means another rhubarb recipe. My prolific rhubarb needs regular eating and inventive ways to be used. This cake I have to say, is one of the best so far. Oh the cookbook is amazing, certainly not for a vegetarian, but it is rather great.

August Break 2011

August Break 2011, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.

August has come and gone but I really enjoyed the August Break project I stumbled upon. This mosaic celebrates those taking part in the project. It is put together with a sad heart following some tragic news, my thoughts and love with those I cherish and miss.

Number 28

Well, more vague numerical titles for my blog. Well the August Break project certainly resparked my interest in my blog if no-one else's! A thought occurred, what about those 40 things. My 40th birthday is looming fast so here on the eve on the Rugby World Cup I can acknowledge that number 28 is a certainty. When I wrote my list back in October, I added number 28 with scorn and a smirk, oh no, for sure. RWC fever is contagious and fantastic. Auckland is alive with anticipation, seriously, everyone is talking about it. I'm actually sorry I don't have tickets and may still try and get one and at the very least will be watching the All Blacks vs France game in a lively pub like setting.

My RWC whiteboard 
I have (of course), taken charge of the ward decorations - as a colleague put it - "you do like a project." The flags positioning was a two (wo)man effort and was met with great praise, then I managed to find some bunting to finish the task. My proudest moment however is the 'RWC whiteboard', I love the logistics, I love the planning. I am a crazy control freak. The latest achievement has been the lucky dip sweepstake - I am a bookmakers daughter. Again, a proud moment of planning, actually some maths and spelling involved, but I had help on that front (thank you Vicky, Lynne, Jo and Pauline).  I can name all 20 teams involved and probably draw their flags to be honest!

The defining moment came, when, at Jo's insistence I took the first draw in the lucky dip sweepstake, I pulled out.........New Zealand, how bloody cool.


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