Another Month Gone

Blimey, it's the end of November, well I've got the Christmas stuff in the post - after slight panic when I realised last week that the last posting date to the UK is the 29th November! Spent more on the postage than the gifts - crazy or cheap - you decide.

However I have now done my first New Zealand Great Walk and am pretty hooked on this tramping lark. I know I've always enjoyed the outdoors, camping etc but this walk was spectacular, even when I felt like this........

So it was the Abel Tasman Coastal Path, one of 9 Great Walks in New Zealand - though really there are hundreds. Follow the link to the Department of Conversation site (DOC) for more info- quite a good site actually. Plus I've put a small (not) selection of photos on flickr, do take a look.

So we're busy planning our second multi day tramp, but have Christmas to contend with. It's all wrong really, hot, sunny, summer, strawberries and yet - snow scenes and Santa! They tell me it takes a while to get used to - we'll see!

Work still going fine, though the big topic is the Christmas decoration competition. Last year CCU was robbed and I reliably told should have one. So the pressure is on to produce a spectacular display - I will keep you posted!

We finally have the van with us - minus a few pieces and looking slightly worse for wear but we'll move on. We've found a club in Auckland and hopefully (new battery permitting) be off on our first meet next weekend.


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