Hurrah I'm 40 at last

Will have trouble putting into words the totally amazing, wonderful and truly fantastic time I had turning 40. This photo will have to do for starters.
Kings Canyon walk, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.

A belated number 9

Oh dear, put this one on the list of '39 Things'. But heh ho, all done. Have new glasses, will be able to see those numbers at work and page the right doctor! Turns out my eyesight hasn't got a lot worse - based on the prescription sunglasses I still had - now there's an idea I should have just worn to those to work. Anyway digressing in my mind and my typing. I have new glasses, my eyesight still isn't too bad.  Apparently my eyes (the technical bit of  them anyway) are different shapes - one is rugby ball shaped and one is soccer ball shaped and this is why I can't judge distance or park a car - hurrah and reason and now I'll just celebrate this and enjoy my bad parking. Choosing the glasses was very interesting, alone in a shop without the ability to decide or any confidence in what might actually look good on me. To the rescue - a box with the three I had narrowed it down to take away. So the next few days at work I gathered various opinions, over my choices, face shape, colour, some opinions bordering on personality descriptions, all in all, it helped, and I would't have chosen the winning pair, but I'm very happy.
So a week to go till the birthday I better take another look at those lists (things and things) and maybe just carry them over.


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