Sky Tower

A few pictures from my trip to the top of Sky Tower. I went with Adams brother - Jason and his family. Oh - Dr Bob and Disco Diva came along as well.

Hopefully a few more photos

Coffee and lovely muffin in Mt Eden

View from top of Mt Eden towards Auckland City

First Photos

So I won't overload the system, we'll start with some photos taken on my first day in NZ. After landing at 0630 and having a shower and cup of tea at Rachel's we went off to the beach with Poppy. We also took along their dog Harry, and some friends dogs.

Library computer not coping well with this, will add more later........

The award goes to.....

To celebrate getting a landline and Internet connection very soon, I am proud to announce the KTandCoffee postal awards. Phoning people is great, emails are lovely and skype is good fun, but their is something very special about receiving post so the awards are......

Greatest Number of postcards........Lesley (thank you, loved them all)

Largest Parcel......Emma (so perfect, the bunting is spectacular)

Best snow picture........Lizzie (so proud that the egg race carried on - particularly in that weather)

Best Christmas outfit update.......Jan (You know I love forward planning)

Chocolate delivery............Emma and Sharon (always welcome)

Most Timely Easter Card........Jane (greatest timing always)

First new home card to arrive.........Mum (so cool)

Have also got photos sorted so have a look at flickr - though the library computer causing more problems today and haven't had chance to sort them out.

Driving again

Russ and Rachel have lent me thier little car while they spend a few days at the beach - Russ is in the Firemans Surf competition on Phia beach. So last night drove for the first time in over a month. The joy and freedom - must must get a car sorted out!! Will still walk to local shops and libray as enjoying the walking (and the stopping for coffee on the way back) but will be great to explore a bit further around. So for today off to Phia to watch the fireman surf!

One month on

So the weather is turning, we've had some rain, the leaves are turning brown, but it is still fairly warm. I had a lovely walk at Devonport, which I took the short ferry ride to from Auckland harbour. Great views and lovely beaches, was a very warm sunny day. I popped into a likely looking restaurant, had a great buffet lunch and as I was on my own was talking to all sorts of people who went past to collect their food. I either looked sad and lonely or friendly and worth talking to and was invited over to one group who were there celebrating a birthday - I had birthday cake and was even in their group photo. Lovely place with great views across water to Mount Rangitoto, will be going back there again (see link list).

Work still going well - I think they have worked out that I've done this before. All staff very welcoming, friendly and a bit mad so getting on fine!!

Planning a trip to the Bay of Islands in the next few weeks, promise will have photos after that. Thank you to all of you emailing and posting letters etc much much appreciated as feeling very removed and lonely at times, not helped by still no Internet or phone at home. I have however joined local library and there is free Internet, so that's a step in the right direction.


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