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Forgot to mention in the previous post our trip to Jasons also saw us taking in the Museum at Matakohe. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and the museum is in a great setting, with rolling hills and farmland. The Kauri Museum also has elements of a pioneer muesum - hence the post office photo. Also an old school and chapel. All very fascinating and well laid out. We have found out lots about gumdiggers, Kauri wood and Kauri gum...but more to follow on that subject.

Welcome to Winter

Still can't get used to the fact that June means winter is coming, it doesn't get really cold in Auckland but the days and nights are chilly and we've had frosty mornings. I'm feeling it more than this time last year, maybe I'm getting soft!

Well what have we been up too....loads really. Will try and sum up. We had a great time at the Auckland Fish market Seafood School back at the end of April. A brill way to have a good meal and meet new people. I was quite impressed by the sauce I made. The tutor was very down to earth and inspiring. I don't often cook fish so it was really helpful.

Another trip to Sheepworld started a weekend visit to Adams brother at Whangarei. It was my third visit (though Adams first), this time I got to have a go at sheep shearing, scary but exciting!!
We took in the longest footbridge in the southern hemisphere at Whananaki, remote, warm and peaceful, though this often means a fairly rough ride to get there - not really for those who get car sick.
A visit to KeriKeri and the stone house, which is New Zealand's oldest stone building and Kemp House which is the oldest European building in New Zealand rounded up a glorious sunny day.

On the journey back down to Auckland, the weather was still great (this is winter?) so we stopped at Wenderholm Park, rather lovely, must return when the water is warmer for a swim. We had a good walk and wished we had kayaks (on the every growing list of things to buy).

We had our regular excursions to the cinema (really very civilised here). Lovely birthday lunch for a friend, with a walk in the rather close and special Waitakere Ranges. There are great farmers markets within and just on the outskirts of Auckland, our latest discovery has been Clevedon, where we got some rather tasty sausages - trust me finding a decent sausage in New Zealand is a challenge.

To be honest, all these Auckland travels have been a focus to use vouchers from the 'Entertainment Book' a great book that has hundreds of discount vouchers in for all types of things - mainly restaurants and cafes but also attractions. So one sunny but chilly day we went off to the Howick Historic Village (2 for 1 entry) and had a great time. In was actually really busy as they had three groups, plus two school groups, great watching the kids playing with Victorian toys!
In between these days out we have actually been trying to find a place to live. Time we had a place of our own, so people can visit, coupled with a desire for a place with a bath and heating of some description. So with an imminent move with all our 'stuff' still in the UK we went off to Paint the Earth, several hours spent creating masterpieces!!!! With that a few charity shops we're OK for plates at least.

So we move on 22d June, looking forward to the next stage of our New Zealand adventure, still can't believe where the time has gone, but as you can see, keeping busy and still enjoying myself. As ever most of the photos go onto take a look.


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