Of late it has been about self care and really just getting through the day. I am getting through the days, but I'm not taking photos or writing. Even my doodle journal is neglected. I'm reading and loosing myself in the words and the stories. If I'm honest I'm also reading and browsing blogs and doing way too much comparison. 

The season is changing here and I love it. It is one of the reasons I picked New Zealand and while we don't really get a winter in Auckland, this end of summer start of Autumn time is one of my favourites. We celebrated the Autumn Equinox a couple of days ago (no, no photos) but made some decisions about moving forward and had some honest answers to what has been holding us back. 

Onward then. 

And just to prove I haven't become a total recluse (yet) here is March so far

Soaking up the sun, cloud watching (but still wanting to hide)

Walking off a hangover and loving the light

Tidying the garden in readiness for the cyclone (that we were sparred).
Welcoming Autumn

Coffee at the art gallery (as shoe shopping failed)


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