Walk 32 - Russell

Hurrah for friends who visit and want to walk. Well I'm not sure if they wanted to walk up Flagstaff Hill while we were enjoying the brief stay in the Bay of Islands but that is what we did. An uphill walk must reward you with a view and this one is not bad. We also got to take in another version of history by the flagpole. We found the church with the musket holes and of course the oldest licensed pub. The Hell hole of the Pacific indeed.

Their words, not ours. 

The view

The view 

At the start of the walk

On the way up 

The view looking back to Russel from the ferry
Oh and the pub we'd had our post walk refreshments in 

Working Backwards

WOMAD 2014 marked the end of a fabulously frantic time of travels, family and friends. It also happened to coincide with a cyclone working through New Zealand. Having missed last years festival  it was reassuringly familiar, with great music, weather not that bad and a long drive in the van. Happy Days indeed.

Van and tent looking very snug in the wind


Heading home, thank you WOMAD

Walk 31 - Cathedral Cove

I inadvertently called this post 'Walk 41' oh that wishful thinking first draft of mine. It's been a busy little time of late but I was excited to realise that I have been walking without even thinking about it. A dear friend (or old boss depending on how you look at it) has been for a visit and I played host for a little time at the end of their trip. Travelling with a friend of hers we met them in the Coromandel (tragic suggestion of mine). A sunny Saturday, what to do. Now I know Hot Water Beach is supposed to be 'the thing to do', but I favour Cathedral Cove and that means a walk.

2.5km return with DOC allowing you a generous one and half hours we walked a little further by starting at Hahei Beach. It is a stunning place that we have seen a different times of the year. This day was clear skies, even clearer sea and we had no swim stuff. Tragedy, but still so lovely. The tide was in so we got wet walking through the Cathedral part. It also served as a research trip for my mothers upcoming visit.

At the lookout point - and the start of the walk if you can get parked in the car park.
We did't so headed down to Hahei Beach and walked from there. More exercise and the great views of Hahei beach on the way. 

On the walk back 

Sunday Morning

Just one of the reasons I'm staying in bed this Sunday morning.

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