Walk 4 - Sydney

Did I mention we went to Sydney. It's been on the list - well more Adams list, I'm easy, I'll go anywhere. We walked. A lot. So it must count. One specific walk, with less stopping at coffee shops, bookshops, beaches or bars was the walk across the harbour bridge. I've been trying to explain my excitement at seeing the harbour bridge for the the first time. Maybe it comes from living in the UK, Sydney with it's harbour bridge and opera house is the other side of the world. It's a long expensive trip away, but these are images we know well, but can I really be here, looking at them, standing in front of them, having a drink. Maybe. I was very excited about peeking my first glimpse of the harbour bridge, that's all there is too it. Back to the walk then (the one without the beaches, bars and bookshops). We followed map and sign to the pylon lookout, which starts way back at the start of the footpath over the bridge. Now when I say over the bridge, we are talking road level here. What a clever bridge, cars, trains, bikes and walkers all have their own special segment. So we walk, we then climb the pylon lookout, which is as brave as I'm getting. Actually the actually road level path was a wee bit disturbing to start with (I must have issues). The pylon lookout was great, we then figure we might as well walk over to the 'other side'. There are security guards on this bridge, I really am most impressed. I feel braver already. The walk takes us to the other side, under the bridge and round to lunar park, where we wait, in the sun for a ferry ride back to our starting point and a bar of course. No idea how far we walked but our feet, legs and hips ache so that must be good right? It counts cos I say it counts.

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Walk 3 - Tawharanui

The highlight of this day, which some lesser minded folks could have seen as not the best of days was the sea. Swimming in a clear sparkling ocean on a beach we had to ourselves - well the other people were very far away.
The day started grey and cloudy, I think there was rain on the way to Tawharanui Regional Park. I'd forgotten my glasses, Adam had forgotten his hat, we didn't bring the swimming gear. We stopped at Matakana Sunday market and then missed the turning. Strange but true. Heh ho. We arrived and off we went. This is the most amazing place with many a walk to choose from but on this day we picked the West End Track. 5.8km over the hills, past the sheep, up to the predator proof fence. Seriously a combination of Pet Shop Boys and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then down to the glorious sandy beach and along back to the parking spot. By the time we cross the predator proof fence - I do so like the sound of that - the sun is beating down on us, the sky is clear and I've already decided that the lack of swimming costume is not going to stop me getting in that water. The last part of the walk before hitting the beach is over dunes and very wild, I can hear the water splashing onto the sand and I walk faster having a strange Bear Grylls moment. Well, the sand, the beach and in I go. Marvellous moment in time. I so so love swimming in the sea. And it counts towards 41 walks. Lush Sunday.

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