Moving onwards

It's been a eight year trip with this blog, which I set up to chronicle the move to New Zealand. Now KTandCoffee is morphing and can now be found over at Quinney&Hyde. Hope you'll head over. 

April Love

And so summer begins to turn into autumn. The circle turning round and round. April is here and the leaves are falling, the garden is calling for a change, I've brought new boots and at last I have sat down to write. Another chance to join in with Susannah Conway's April Love and a month of love letters that may even see me blogging. Mainly though I'll be over on Instagram 


A hiatus doesn't come close. 

But here I am with a new obsession. Something that has lighted my interest and curiosity. 

Daily Guidance with this lovely lady

And heh , I've blogged again.

Best Book 2015

I may look like an avid reader. OK, I am and avid reader, but one with a poor memory as I have a tendency to skim reading. I track my books on Goodreads, this has a couple of advantages for me. If I'm in a book store and I think, now have I read that one…a quick look and I can know whether picking up that Clive Cussler or Lee Child book in a second hand store will be the next book for me. Admittedly, it is those two authors that this is the most handy of, but would work with the prolific author that you are into. I also take part in the Goodreads challenge. This year I set myself the challenge of reading 35 books, I track the books on the site and build a great view like this of what I've been reading. Very handy when Susannah Conway then asks 'best book of the 2015' in her December Reflections, I can ponder my list.

I can ponder, but can I choose. There are books that link me to my very good friend Emma, such as The Summer Book, which I read in the NZ summer and added post-it notes of my thoughts and sent it to her to read in the UK summer. There there is the Ben Aaronovitch series which she introduced me to (one I would recommend) plus she sent me the gorgeous  Principles of Uncertainty. Which was a wondrous, comforting read and I may well dive back into that book this evening. 

Finally reading Brene Brown was a great part of 2015, I did connect with her and her ideas, I've put some of her ideas around leadership and feedback into practice and it started a wave of thinking in my mind that could take me on a journey in the coming year. 

I read the story of the A303 while on the A303. Brought in London (with that said good good friend) and then read while travelling to Cornwall with the in-laws. Happy memories all round really (though my in-laws think I'm a bit odd for my constant reading). Relieving that right now, I read a lot while in Cornwall and it was a time I am very grateful for. 

2015 also was the year I joined what seems a cult like following of the magical art of tidying up. Now parts are crazy, parts are wonderfully crazy, but my house is lighter and I feel better. I fold my socks and it does make sense. I'm nowhere near as sorted as she suggests. As we speak there is a huge pile of washing to put away that has been there for two days, there are yesterdays shppong bags strewn across the floor and let's not even talk about the bathroom. Even so, the book was great. Adam and I entered into the spirit of the clearing together and we have done well and feel better because of it. 

So no favourite then, but happy memories, some good books, some OK books, some have been sent on, some will stay on the shelf for now. 


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