Days Off

Well in the spirit of learning to add links to the text, I thought I'd let you know what I've been up too with my latest lot of days off.

Met with a woman from work for lunch on Friday (after finishing two crappy night shifts). We had a good lunch and an even better 'off loading session' that made me feel heaps better. We then got our butts into seats at the Lido Cinema, possibly the loveliest cinema in the world. We watched a perfect afternoon film, The Secret Life of Bees. I didn't want to fall asleep (always a good sign after finishing a night shift and not sleeping), it made me sad and happy and slightly less frightened of bees (though the allergy thing does worry me).

Saturday was supposed to be a lazy day, but we ended up buying a rather large dresser (long story).

Sunday (after Adam finished his night shift) we joined the thousands of people in the Auckland 'Round the Bays'. We walked, but ran a bit, when the crowds thinned a wee bit. It was a great atmosphere, great weather, great walk and gave a sense of achievement.

So I still have a couple of days off, dinner at Rachels tomorrow, with a night of games and wine. Tuesday is a 'who knows day', then it's back to work.........

Circus, sharks and surfing

So went to Circus Oz at the weekend which was part of the Auckland Festival. Slightly strange in that it was on a stage, not a circus ring. But entertaining and as with all circus performances, I sat open mouthed stunned at the agility and strength at those on the stage.

We had a productive weekend, visiting the Avondale Market and then an Eco-Day festival which was informative, inspiring and a wee bit depressing (shark fining) plus I always wish that I owned my own place to be able to put into practice.

Ended out days off with a visit to Phia beach, which is on the rather special west coast and the fireman's surf competition - oh lord I went to that last year!!!!!

One year later........

Oh boy, where has the time gone. Yes, one year ago today I landed in NZ. The time has gone slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. All quite surreal and strange. Still feels like a holiday in many ways, work is still a mystery and there are still things I haven't fathomed, about work or the country for that matter.

I think I managed to settle in quite well, I did enjoy those early months of exploration by foot and bus. However, I missed Adam beyond belief and if the move here taught me anything it was how much he means to me. So life changed in many ways when he arrived in July, (though he was a moping nightmare for some time), mainly by getting a car and exploring on a much wider scale.

We certainly have explored and inspired kiwis who haven't seen that much of their country to get out there. It is wonderful, full of all kinds of scenery and delights. We have enjoyed our adventures and have many more planned, plus we need to get to see Australia soon as well.
It hasn't all been plain sailing and there have been nightmare moments, but that is life in general I guess. I do miss friends and family. It kind of hits me in a wave every now and again - very hormonal for sure. I feel sad, lonely, guilty and miserable all at the same time, and yet love my life and the chances I have created.
I have changed enormously, particularly in regards to work. No more is the crazed workaholic career focused mad woman on the loose (where did it get me, after all). I live for my days off, adventures, exploration, new sites and so on. I never (OK mainly a little bit at times) take work home and can (usually) walk out after a shift without any concerns or worries.

My feelings about work are quite mixed and as I'm on my second glass of bubbly I don't think I'll expand on those right now.
Our latest trip to the south island and embarking on the Routeburn Tramp is one example of how much I've changed. I wouldn't consider doing something like that unless I felt fit enough and ready. I knew I wasn't but did it any way. And I did do it, sometimes without any style or grace but I did it, and if you asked me now I would say I loved, loved, loved it. I considered this while away......Is the idea to do something and look/feel great doing it, or should you just do it. Do you feel any different.....I don't think I've explained that very well, for further discussion please phone me.

Finally I must say a huge, huge thank you to all who have written, phoned, emailed, commented on flickr photos, been at the end of the phone, skyped, facebooked, etc. All forms of communication are vital, appreciated and at times a life saver. Post is a particular favourite and I have loved writing to you folks, I hope you have enjoyed the letters

As to how long we are going to be here.......still an unknown quantity, difficult to maintain our Disneyland Paris addiction at this distance.....So watch this space. I can however, now say 'I've done it' as opposed to the 'I was going to do that' so all is good.


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