Feijoa Cake

As the northern hemisphere heads into spring (where Easter makes sense), tis Autumn here in the land of the long white cloud and the rather glorious feijoa season. I say glorious, I don't just eat these fruit - which Wikepedia describes as a 'gelatinous seed pulp' with a 'distinctive aroma' but bake cake. Of course muffins can also be on the menu but this year I had a bit of muffin disaster so I'm sticking with the fantastic apple and feijoa cake recipe I found here. There are of course a whole host of things I could do with the fruit and as my neighbour has a tree I have a ready supply. Actually most people have a ready supply either their own tree or a friend, and you see bags to just help yourself too on the sides of roads, or the ingenious child selling them......tis an abundant fruit and a great time of year.

I've been slacking for sure in my photos of my baking, I still do, lots. The same can be said for the garden, had a bit of a clear out today in the rain (and my new wellies), but have been remiss in not taking pics of all the great flowers that have been blooming. I'm blaming my hosting duties. The garden has certainly missed out as I've played host and my days off are spent in tours and trips. These visits have made me realise what a great life I have and how much I love New Zealand. Though I do need to brush up on my tour guide skills - I am getting better so Jane, Ken, Rowan and March have had the full fruits of my knowledge and my feijoa cake!

Yep. Will put a pic of the actual cake before tis all eaten!

I am here

Untitled, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.

Hurrah for Autumn, my bestest season! Its been busy lately, time moving fast, summer has been good in many ways but I've been struggling to find the words to type. They are in my head (as are the voices) but I don't make it here often. I shy away. But I am here.


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