An army in the garden

I was only thinking the other day how lush and lovely the swan plants were looking. Clearly the monarch butterflies thought the same and word Got out. They are alive with a host of caterpillars (what is the word for for a group of caterpillars) we couldn't actually count them all. So more swan plants will be needed. The newly created 'Ruth Parker Garden' is the most popular spot, so we'll plant more there. I have repatriated some caterpillars to other plants around the garden. Will they survive till Sunday?

Oh it's an army of caterpillars, that seems about right.

Walk 1 - Wenderholm

Did I really suggest completing 41 walks in the year after turning 41. Well I have been walking, from, time to time. Not far and not many and I've certainly not been counting. This week though saw an early finish from work and we flew (well its not really flying in the van but nonetheless) north and had a great stomp on one of Wenderholm's short walks. Physio has clearly paid off as the hips behaved and we had a power walk uphill enjoying the views and trying not to fall over on the downhill part. It wasn't a long walk but it felt powerful and while a dip in the sea afterwards would have been great no costumes this time - Adam needs more practice at packing the van. A paddle in the warm water did the trick. I think we can call this number one.

Wenderholm is one of Auckland's Regional Parks which provide a great deal of joy for me, have a lookie......

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A day with a friend

I have the most wonderful friends and I miss them so. I think of them often and certain places or moments spark memories or thoughts of 'I wish they were here'. So today Em we have a day in Auckland for your birthday. A day of a few of my favourite bookshops. We'd start with a walk, but photos and that will have to come another day. First up we'd go to Mt Eden, so many place we could choose for coffee and breakfast but then we'd hit 'Time Out' book store. Small and perfectly formed, with resident cat and very knowledgable staff. There is a handy stool by the cookery books and the kids section is in a back nook that makes it feel a little special. The separate out New Zealand authors and books, so very easy for you to pick up a souvenir.
Next we'd head to Newmarket, a shopping spot in Auckland with a few rather groovy shops, the Arcadia bookshop is fairly recent and rather smart. It has a good flow and very smiley staff who seem very happy in their work. We'd could grab a coffee but we'd head off to Ponsonby for lunch. Super groovy suburb with a host of places to eat, it will be a tough choice but the true treat will be 'The Women's Bookshop'. This is one of those bookshops I always see loads of books I fancy reading. They have a good card selection as well. It's not a large bookshop but we can happily browse for some time I reckon. Last up will be Onehunga, my local as twere. One of the finest second hand bookshops, 'The Hard to Find Bookshop' is a wondrous cave / maze that will have us sucked in for quite done time. A disturbingly large sport section is where I find cricket books to send to Duncan. It has stairs all over the place a mezzanine level and a directory to help you find your way around. Lush. Ending in Onehunga is purposeful as not only close to home, we can abandon the car and have a cocktail or two in the Bramble. Its a martini for me with olives, what are you having......
Happy Birthday x
Time Out Bookstore in Mt Eden
Come on in......

Arcadia Book Shop in Newmarket

Ponsonby and the Woman's Bookshop

Do come in, we have lots of lovely books.....

Now in Onehunga at the Hard to Find Book Shop

Looking down from philosophy and sociology to the children's section

History section, this is just Europe.

Summertime Christmas

It's still not quite right but we go with it, summer and Christmas, we try, we really try. So much that the works Christmas party was a BBQ in our garden. Was hostess indeed so didn't take enough photos - and most tragically didn't get one of the bouncy castle.
So a good time indeed, despite my cough and raspy throat / voice it was a great afternoon.
The garden is alive and in bloom so this gave me an idea for the staff Christmas presents. Rosemary and lavender bundles for all.

Summer's Coming

Running about a week or two behind really, actually that sums up life at the moment not just the blog. So it was two weeks ago we had a bit of the family visiting- Adam's brother and nephew. Late nights, BBQs, fires, beer and marshmallows, games and laughing. We started Saturday with The fabulous French market and then off to a lovely little spot that is perfect at this time of year. The Parnell Rose Garden in full bloom and glory then a walk up to St Stephens chapel. My the sea did look inviting, wont be long before we are in that water. On this day though I kept myself happy with playing with my new iPhone photography app, lots of photos of roses then!

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Not really walking

Well the idea of 41 walks this year hasn't really got off to a flying start. November ended with a cycle ride to Ambury Farm, following a great cycle path practically straight from our front door. It's amazing to be in the city and then... on a farm.


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