Re-reading the classics

Now I know we let to get out and about, travel around, see new places etc etc but there are times when you have to just stop. Spend some time doing not a lot, napping, reading. OK housework, shopping, fixing the breaks on the camper, gardening. In short, stay at home. There has been a bit of baking, the carrot cake from my new cookbook sent by Sharon is sitting right now waiting for the cream cheese icing to be made to finish it off. As for the reading, in the last few days I've re-read 'To Kill and Mockingbird', possibly my favourite book and Adam has been reading Treasure Island. Now I should have done some exercises, tried to get to that yoga class, at least jogged round the park, but no, not much going on here.

A second Christmas

It's all been very exciting on the postal front lately. Now I've made no secret of the fact that I love getting post and I am very fortunate that I have many wonderful friends that generate a damn fine supply of post. Christmas postage is always a bit dodgy, so several parcels arrived after the holiday.

So my from dear friend Jane, a large box of goodies, including a fab pic of my goodson Rowan, (now taking pride of palce on my new photo holder), obviously some chocolate, handmade decs from the kids and a selection of bookmarks for my collection. Sharon, whose parcel we had feared was lost in outer Mongolia arrived with this book in - oh boy how wonderful. Jan, who, I'm guessing in conjunction with Sylvia sent me this CD. Sylvia had sent this one, all to remind me of a great night at Sarah's wedding. Last, but by no means least, a parcel of many joyful items arrived from Em. Check out the Etsy shop for a bargin yourself. It was a parcel of many wonders, badges, bags, books and Elsbeth, who Adam has taken quite a fancy too, but does call her 'cheeky monkey'.

Thank you one and all xxxxxx

Number 5

So given my list of 39 things that I have done very little about so far I was very very very excited when a sudden change of plan regarding a few days off lead me to Solscape and booking a few nights in a tipi. Solescpe is an eco resort and sounded wonderful offering various options in terms of accomadation. We were to stay in the tipi retreat.

It all started to go wrong with The Big Day Out. Obviously allergic to festivals (really a repeat of Glastonbury), I wake with a puffy blotchy face and feel terrible. Adam drives to Raglan and I sleep so I feel a bit better on arrival. It's a nice 2-3 hour drive. The scenery is great, more mountains than I expected, rolling greens and natives trees and a huge huge beach.

The tipi retreat is a good 5 minute (uphill) walk from the main area and is secluded, lush, quiet, lovely. There are 6 tipis, and ours (of course) is further uphill. We have packed fairly light but I have of course brought plenty of food. Fully equiped kitchen is not quite how I would cover it, the main problem being no cold storage and it is very very hot!

I had booked a shiatsu massage for that afternoon, which was without doubt one of the best preplanning I'd done in a long time. The treatment are is in a secluded area of the site and is a small room built into the landscape and looks out onto the glorious views. So listening to the orchestra of birds and animals I succumb to bliss.
A quick exploration of Raglan and it's back to try out the wood fire oven and make pizza. Much more difficult than Jamie makes out but it tastes great.
We are bitten a few times by the prevelant mozzies - the composting toilets may be eco friendly but they are very mozzie friendly! The next morning after smiling at the thought of actaully sleeping n a tipi, I wake so swollen in the face I don't recognise myself. I have been bitten alive and really reacted well to most of them.

I survive another night and then we move. I tried. It was beautiful. I loved the outdoor kitchen (if only it had a fridge). The main area was more backpackers and the kitchen there was possibly the worst designed and equipped I've yet to come across at a NZ backpackers. The vibe was good though and our last night we were treated to some surreal entertainment and tried our hands at walking on a tightrope - takes muscle as well as balance so I was useless.

We loved loved loved Raglan. I was down and depressed as I felt so terrible but I persevered and played in the sea, managed to get my hair cut and brought a very expensive pair of trousers. We had lazy days and really relaxed. I finished my book in two days. We came away rested, more tanned but we still haven't tried surfing. I was possibly slighty dissappointed by the tipis, nit helped by feeling so ill. I think I need to find the full on live in tipi, these had your bed in and that was it. I want the fire and the whole mallarky. So the search continues, but I can at last cross one item off my list.

Am I up for this?

So while I sit in a very hot and sunny garden, smiling at my sunflower and my red tomotoes I have to build up and wake up - in a few hours I will plunge into the world of music, people and stuff like that.

I'm off to The Big Day Out. I had no idea what I had let myself into! People at work actually laughed and pulled those funny faces when I said I was going. Turns out it's all a bit trendy  - the sort of thing young hip people do.

However the guys at work where great, they found the line up and highlighted the ones to catch - I mean what do I know. Yes, Em you are shaking your head with an evil laugh. I have heard of some of them so not all is lost. Then it got better - a map, I do love a map.

So who I'm I going to see. I'd like to catch Midnight Youth and LadyHawke. Then if I can cope; Lily Allen, Gin and Muse. Now I have to confess I wouldn't know what these last sang, looked like or sounded like. I have at least heard Midnight Youth and have some LadyHawke on the iPod. Wish me luck

I'll just sit a while longer, have a cup of tea and then I'll be there!

Did I mention it's very hot and sunny - just checking

Following Instructions

I'm suffering......the lawn men have destroyed my raspberry plant. A lovely branch (are they branches?) with flowers and the promise of my first fruit has been sliced off, plus a new shoot destroyed. I'm very very upset. So distracting myself from my sadness my fullfilling a promise to my sister. Now she has a blog which is very entertining to read and transports me to a teenage life.

One posting had her writing clear instructions for creating a playlist - My Life as a Movie Soundtrack. My sis very quickly sent me a CD of hers, and I haven't even got round to telling her what my was. Don't panic Annmarie - parcel on it's way and here is the list.

  • Opening credits: Handel 'Water Music'
  • Waking up: Love is all around - Marti Pellow
  • First Day at School: Time is Tight - Booker T. & the MGs
  • Falling in Love: Wolves - Iron and Wine
  • Fight song: House of the Risin Sun - Tim O' Brien
  • Breaking Up: Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
  • Prom Night: Heigh Ho - Seven Dwarfs
  • Life:  Brazen - Skunk Anansie
  • Mental Breakdown: Moving on Up - M People
  • Flashback: Temptation - Heaven 17
  • Getting Back Togther: Hold me Back - Michelle Shocked
  • Wedding: Home - Dixie Chicks
  • Birth of a Child: Tangent - Beth Orton
  • Final Battle: Ode to my Family - The Cranberries
  • Funeral Song: Ready for Drowning - Manic Street Preachers
  • Final Credits: Bel Amour - Bel Amour
Ipods and Itunes don't you just love them. Despite the fact that I've developed a very sore and swollen lip after hitting myself on the lip with my new rather lovley ipod nano.

Highlights of 2009

It was New Years Eve, I was feeling blue, was I homesick, was I tired or was it a New Year thing. On New Years Day though I made a list of all the things and stuff we had done during 2009. Now lists alwys make me feel better and this one brought a wow to my lips and a smile to my face.

  1. Went camping at Goat Island and tried my hand at snorkeling for the first time
  2. Gob smacked at the Chinese Lantern Festival
  3. Walked the Routeburn track - another one of the 9 Great Walks
  4. Moved into our place and very quickly made a house a home
  5. Peeped at Mt Cook through the cloud and starred at glaciers 
  6. Took part in the Round the Bays walk
  7. Mountian Biking at Woodhill Park, and so inspired brought bikes
  8. Chilled out at the VW National Show in Napier
  9. Took a trailer ride to Cape Kidnappers
  10. Visted a lot of vineyards, all over the place
  11. Took a Seafood Cooking Class
  12. Attended a few shows; Cats, My Fair Lady, French and Saunders
  13. Climbed Mt Rangitoto
  14. Weekended on Waiheke (more vineyards here)
  15. Visited Auckland Zoo, MOTAT and the Martime Museum
  16. Admired the sculpture at Aucklands Botoanic Gardens
  17. Another visit to Sheepworld, plus had a go at sheep shearing
  18. Managed two days of skiing
  19. Went to an ECO Festival
  20. Had a great day at the Howick Historical Village
  21. Went on a week tour of Northland, seeing the Rainbow Warrior Memorial, Ninety Mile Beach, Cape Reanga and trying to break my arm
  22. Did the art trial in KeriKeri
  23. Visited several of Aucklands Nature Reserves and Parks
  24. Had a Day on the Green with the Proclaimers and The B52s
  25. Made countless trips to the cinema (and I feel this may be a whole new list in the making for 2010)
  26. Started exploring the beaches around Auckland to discover which is the best one to swim in
  27. Christmas Day on the Beach
  28. Adam went to Austailia and I went to the UK
  29. Painted our own plates at 'Paint the Earth'
  30. Made our own Christmas Cards
  31. Created our first vegetable patch, eating our own homegrown tomatoes for the first time
  32. Had some really Happy Camping in the Coromandel
Bring on 2010.


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