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Failing miserably at my 41 walks challenge why not start a new one, maybe one will help the other. A happy synergistic event linking the blog love with Pinterest obsession and the ease of sharing on Flickr. I found the pin below a wee while ago and thought that it would be worth a bash. Something to help get through the wet days of autumnalness in Auckland while still trying to adjust to both of us working a 'normal' routine. I also thought it might be a cunning way to entice Adam into the Flickr world and share some of his photos. Now of courseI have the new spangly sparkly singing dancing new camera I'm even more excited. So our June photo challenge is launched.

Thank you Pinterest for this

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Walk 8 - Maungatauhoro

It may be a repeat - this was walk number one - but heh, this is my game and I can decide what counts. But this was an exciting walk for two reasons. Mainly my ability to do any exercise in the course of a week appears to have shrunk from a little to none at all, so that fact that I was out walking, all 3km of it was a positive stepIt may have only been 3km but heh, it was hard work. I dragged my stodgy self up the hill and got very out of puff, but it did feel great. So it was great to do a familiar walk, that you know doesn't take too long but made me feel like I was making some effort at last. It brought air into my lungs and mud to my shoes, what's not to like.
Secondly and the most excitingness of all was that it gave me chance to play with my new camera and have a private photography class with Adam. So yes, I happened to write in my last post  maybe I should buy a camera to ensure I actually take photos rather than rely on the iPhone, which is fine for an awful lot of stuff but i don't think about it much and really just play with the apps.
We happened upon a camera shop on a Saturday afternoon and we leave with a spangly new flashy camera. So there I am actually trying to grasp what is aperture, thank you Pioneer Woman for this series, very very helpful. Combine that with a practical lesson with Adam and I was making some progress. It also meant I stopped a bit while dragging myself up that (little) hill to get my breath back. Please don't test me on what aperture actually is, but for a woman who has lived on auto mode for cameras her whole life, i was using and sort of understand the various settings and dear me at one point shot on manual mode as that's what i needed to do. Dear me, a new hobby maybe.

South island sandwich

 The start of Autumn? A beer garden on a sunny afternoonHappy Place
  Doubtful Sound
Doubtful Sound Doubtful SoundDoubtful Sound
South Island, March 2012, a set on Flickr.
A little while ago we had a south island sandwich with the Otago Rail Trail as the filling. Some time around Queenstown, Arrowtown, TeAnau and Wanaka was the top slice of bread where Adam finally got to see the joy that is Doubtful Sound. The second slice of bread was Dunedin and the Otago Pennisular, with the move from filling to bread being the rather stunning Taieri Gorge Railway. These photos give testimony to the fact that I seem to let Adam take most of the photos and my selection is a rather poor representation of an amazingly wonderful, recharging and perfectly fantastic break. (I may have enjoyed this holiday). There were a lot of animals, which I really don't even try to capture on my old but beloved iPhone. So should I buy a camera? Will Adam ever get into the habit of sharing his rather good photos with anyone? Who knows but I'll keep you posted (is that a blogging pun I wonder).

The Van does it's bit

Our beloved van has done it's bit in fundraising. Admittedly it took the lowest amount of effort on our part and now where near the effort that these guys put in. Auckland District Health Board had a team of four willing participants in the Cure Kids adventure race.  To raise money towards this event and support the work of Cure Kids they held a fund-raising quiz and auction night. I happened one day upon some planning for this event and gladly offered Adam and his van as an auction item. Maybe someone would like "A day out in a VW Kombi van"

It proved a popular item and last Saturday the van did it's bit. A great, long way round drive to the stunning Murawai beach. A break in the rain, a glorious day to sit and watch the sea and soak up the sun while Adam cooked lunch. I truly was the winner here, as I got to sit in the sun and make conversation. He really did all the work.

I hope the day delivered as promised and joy was to be had as well as knowing we've helped the Cure Kids charity along a little bit.

May the 4th

It's a seriously wet day in Auckland. I'm sure kiwi rain is wetter than any rain I've ever been in. I don't really mind the rain, but the houses are not really built to withstand it. We have also learnt we have a cracked roof tile. It was the large puddle of water in the laundry that gave it away. Easily confirmed by the ability to see daylight when we lift the hatch to the roof. Oh. Adam is a fixer and while I'm no expert fixing a leaking roof/cracked tile in the rain is appearing a little futile. A Michelle Shocked tune comes to mind. Oh now the thunder starts. To inspire and maintain some form of sanity and in celebration of this special day theme music from Star Wars is blaring out around the house. I gather some friends and read some books. Which is actually all distraction from potentially more useful and productive things I should be doing.

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