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Our three week whirlwind UK visit left us exhausted, homesick, happy, sad, ponderous and all that. Watching the jubilee celebrations added to our collection of thoughts about where we are and what we want to do.
So of course I distract myself, make cake and decorate the mantle. Sponsored by Emma Rafter, we have the wondrous cake topping, paper chains, ribbon and tin. Marks and Spencer biscuit tin and a union jake kite - a gift from a friend quite a while ago. Anything red, white or blue fits as does my newly acquired jubilee mug. I've changed the guard and put up postcards I've kept from sent from Blighty, even dug out some pictures of landmarks and top spots. Great British Anthems played and the neighbours came for afternoon tea with the aforementioned cake.
Paper chains and ribbon from my sponsor
Tin from Marks and Spencer

The Union Jack Kite completing the scene really

Victoria Sponge, thank you Jamie

Jet lag and a week at work clearly showing on my face, but I battle on and make cake

The wonder that is

Ready for afternoon tea

Just one more for good measure

Afternoon tea - yes sunny and warm in winter Auckland

Half eaten cake but the Queen hangs in

Is this helping the quandary, I don't know.


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