Not neglecting the garden

We downsized the veggie patches and moved to a new spot. A project of a few days and in the rain of early spring. It feels good now there is just the one bed to tend and it's great looking out of the kitchen window to watch the goodies growing - or the cats digging up the new seeds - still haven't solved that problem.
The grass seed took well on the old bed spots and with all the rain it's looking very green.
Haven't eaten much out of the vegetable garden as yet - giant radish aside. But the broad beans are looking special and I think those spring onions are nearly ready. Still no good at thinning, or is it my actual sowing of the carrot seeds/seedlings but heh, not the end of the world is it.
The rest of the garden is in bloom, loving the front stretch and was so excited to so many foxgloves. We are determined to tackle the area around the car port - I brought some plants with money from my aunt from two birthdays ago - so this area is officially know as 'The Ruth Parker Garden'.

Front of the house

Blueberries doing well again this year

Through the spring onions

The very hungry caterpillars 

The largest radish in the world

Veggie patch in it's new spot

Even the neglected is flowering

Encouraging the weeds

Am so in love with these

Looking over the beans

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Does a wedding count?

Not really a walk but I did fly to Adelaide for the weekend for a wedding. What a great, emotional, crying, smiling, laughing, eating, talking, laughing, bubbly, smiling some more kind of weekend.
This is my family in the southern hemisphere. Where I get that unconditional welcoming love and the chance to be whatever I need to be.
It was a tough weekend on some levels and the desire to have my mum with me was so great, but she was with us, smiling, laughing, eating, talking and all that, but I would have had her on the bubbles.


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