Thirty First

I finally get that whole Friday feeling particularly when there is a treat planned. Homemade pizza (rather yummy if I say so myself) then off to the cinema. Tried a new one tonight over the bridge and a little drink before hand welcomed the weekend in.
Thank you August Break.


Well if I thought boot camp was tough the Pilates session tonight really has finished me off. The cat has collapsed with me. No wine in the house (?) so it's tea and bed.

Twenty ninth

Boy boot camp was a killer tonight. Thank the universe for an iPhone so I can collapse on the settee at home, take my photo for the day, edit it a bit and upload it to Flickr. Then after movie and a bowel of pasta it's bed time and the wonder of the iPhone allows me to write the blog post and upload it, photo and all. Guess you wonder why boot camp as I am clearly naturally lazy. Cozy blanket sums it all up really.

Twenty eighth

I don't often write or mention work on this blog, a few random clues that I go to work and recently changed jobs is about all but today, what a day, in a good way. One thing after another and I actually felt I had an impact along the line here or there. It was a long day, I was collected, brought home and dinner is being served up for me as I speak. I have a great home to come back to and a good man taking care of me. Blessed.

Twenty sixth

Back home, not as warm as Oz but the sun is out and it's not raining. Great day for getting the washing done, an handy post holiday bonus. We head out on the bikes visiting Ambury Regional Park saying hello to the animals.

Twenty fourth

A little more Disney, some great food and some damn nifty horse riding plus the cowboy hat toboot.

Twenty third

It was like Disney but with animals. It was a show and we spent all day there. We saw far to many crocodiles really. For me though it was a tough call between the koalas and the kangaroos. Mind you the animals clearly have to audition to get into Australia Zoo as they were the most active and show off sort of animals I've ever seen, we even saw a koala running (sort of). Another great Queensland day.

Twenty First

It was a day of wonder that moved me to tears. It was truly amazing to see these fabulous creatures so close. I have some video to add later and maybe a link to Adams photos, boy did he have a good day. These two photos don't do it justice but will survive for now. An added bonus was probably the best food I've ever had on a day trip.


It wasn't plan A but it was meant to be, so extra time in Hervey Bay means a trip to the worlds largest sand island, wading down a creek, a spur of the moment plane flight,a swim in a lake and a rather lovely sunset. Thank you Fraser Island.


One of those marvelous days. Breakfast with friends we haven't seen in ten years. A leisurely drive, gazing at the glass mountains, finding the Mary Poppins statue and checking into a rather fab motel.


Out for dinner, tough choice, excellent service. The evening warmth is healing or is that the wine.


Back to lemons, snotty nose and really revolting cough. Tissues scattered everywhere. Cough syrup purchased this morning. What more to do.


My mantle project means I dust at least once a month. I had a lazy Sunday afternoon so moved things around, changed our view. I'm lounging now (after a day of coughing and sniffing while hiding in the office) looking at the view. Change is good.


The morning after the night before. My toes are numb, all very odd. The cough and snotty nose continue, heh ho. It was a night of dancing, a great live bad filled the dance floor (and some) from the start. 352 people had a fabulous night, Adam kept busy as the nights photographer, had a great time albeit with achy legs this morning. We make the most of the hotel room (and balcony) and I have a fondness for room service.


The end of the night. The shoes come off. The relief. The very large bed.


The great thing about having visitors is that I get to re-visit tourist spots, talk randomly about volcanos and enjoy those memories of when I first came to New Zealand. With a couple of hours after I finished work and before Polly had to be at the airport she was treated to just that and a gorgeous sunset was thrown in.


The cat is concerned, we brought two strangers into the house. We're hosting two travelers, mutual friends recommended they make contact with us, so here they are. They'll stay for a couple of nights at the end of their NZ tour. Mabon is freaked. The girls are looking forward to a home cooked roast chicken tomorrow after a year of traveling. Come to think of it, the cat will like that too.


The lemon cake was great and devoured at work. I tried a to take a pic for today but it didn't work out, somehow not doing the tasty lemoness the justice it deserved. So a quick turn around and there were the lush flowers a friend brought for me on Sunday. They came for lunch that was a lovely afternoon of gorgeous food and chatting and the flowers sit reminding me of good weekend times.


Monday's are a struggle, says the woman who after 20 years of shift work is kind of adjusting to this weekday marlarcky. I has good intentions of making a lemon cake to take to work but didn't seem to get there. My new staff nurse started work today and brought with her homemade lemon cake. Made me feel a little guilty but boy it was good cake, she was clearly a wise recruitment choice. So I left work sort of on time and now need to make that lemon cake.


The days are starting to get lighter the bulbs are getting there. This one is the first and is looking rather proud. I love the garden and while there is a huge list of jobs to tackle today I'm just looking.


I'm recovering from a night of Olympic watching, all very exciting indeed. So it's a loungy morning as I have accustomed myself to this Monday - Friday working over the last six months. It is only then I realise it's August and I was going to try the August Break again. I enjoyed the challenge last year and it introduced me to some great images and blogs. A lot has happened in the last year but clearly not my photo thinking. I rush out into the garden to take my first photo, uploaded and ready to go. I think it looks familiar and indeed it was, I chose the same subject for my first photo last year.


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