New Bike

I was just as excited as I was back then. I should have found a better hill, but I had a great first trip. Swishing along, no pain in the neck, no pins and needles in the arm. A delightful ride with smiles and a bell. 

Sudden awakening

I woke with a start this morning, one of those suddenly wide awake panic moments. Convinced it was Monday, panicked about the time as I'd not set the alarm. No wait, I thought, it's Sunday. Or is it. Haven't I had two days off. What's going on. It took a few minutes but it did dawn on me. It's Sunday and you have a whole other day off. It was a gift. So I shopped. For a women who struggles to buy things, particularly clothes I managed two pairs of jeans and a pair of shoes. Then a printer (that has been on the list for ages), a few more stationary bits, oh some fireworks and then some food. Better go back to work so I stop spending. 


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