More fun (and lots of tears!)

Had a leaving party with Beckie - senior sister form Baird ward - she is off to Canada. Our wards have always worked closely together as have all the sisters, so a joint leaving party seemed like a good idea. It was a wonderful night with a great atmosphere. Loads and loads of fantastic food (it's what we do well). There were however lots of tears and overwhelming sadness for the all the great friends I'm going to miss so much. I did however get told off for not loosing it completely but I look really bad when I cry!!

I was given a wonderful photo album with pictures and notes from all at work, even thinking about it brings a lump to my throat and I can only read a few comments at a time. Thank you Sharon for a perfect gift.


The fun begins

So plans now being made and as well as packing, sorting out and throwing away stuff I'm catching up with friends and having fun. First up, my friend Di came for a weekend with her new man Phil. Had a nice night in, a lazy brunch, walk round Battle Abbey and a slap up roast dinner. All rather great, but was sad and tearful when she left. This is just the start, what am I going to be like for the next month.
Have handed in notice at work....

Oh my!!!

Well finally, after thinking it may never happen and living in general denial I've heard that my visa has been issued and should be with me tomorrow. Waves of nausea and terror, excitement and sadness for most of the afternoon. So I guess I'm really going........

Still waiting for visa

Well still no word on the visa (slight panic that they might not grant me one) but the packing continues. Each time I think I'm cracking it I find another corner or cupboard of stuff that I need to pack. It's no time to be jealous of my current storage space as I'm also getting in quotes for shipping a 'few' boxes to Auckland and lets just say, it isn't cheap!
On the more exciting side do have a leaving do in the offing and an open weekend to sell bits and pieces I don't feel I need any more.
Another exciting revelation was 'Skype', already had two video calls, rather groovy. Adam is off to buy a web cam and then I'll be visible too!
The final excitement of the week (can my old soul take this much) was the discovery of MOO cards, thank you Emma, have just placed my order!


Well in an attempt to communicate and stuff, thought I'd give this a go. To keep guys updated on my adventure year in which I try it in New Zealand.

Current status: waiting for visa, packing in dribs and drabs but feeling sad about packing all my beloved and cherished possessions.


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