5 Months In

Blimey, 5 months ago today I landed in a sunny New Zealand, within a week I had found somewhere to live and had started work. That first week is still so clear and yet here I am 5 months in and don't know where to start!
Honeymoon period definitely over though and a routine is forming, not feeling bad about that in anyway. However the weather has been awful and quite depressing, not helped my the leaks, damp and mould in the flat.

Adam arrived on the 11th July, after cancellations and delays. It is WONDERFUL to have him here. He's not been impressed by the relentless rain, plus with problems with getting the camper van cleared, mobile phone not working and laptop breaking, it does not seem to be going well. He's not impressed so far!!

We've managed a little break away (in the rain) to Roturua, which was much more impressive than I had expected! Lots more planned (depending on off duty) so will try to keep this slightly more up to date.


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