Books, movies or walks

Well the lists of 'things' from birthdays past have to a certain extent inspired but I haven't done really well to be honest. On the eve if my birthday I thought maybe a theme challenge rather than a list of things that I may or may not do. Over a coffee in the city we discuss the options, 41 books, 41 movies or 41 walks. To be honest my money was on the 41 cakes idea but in the end we decided on 41 walks. I stepped up to the August break challenge so this is a step forward - in many ways. In seemed a healthier option. 41 walks in the coming year, but for now....its time for feijoa sparkling wine from the Lothlorien winery.


It's been a day of joy but with waves of homesickness. Reminders and memories of previous favourite walks and the bizzare Disneyland at Halloween brought these waves to my mind. Is it the looming birthday or the tumultuous changes at work. We were walking around the rather marvelous Tawharanui regional park. A windy day but the rain stayed away. We had started at Matakana market which while as fabulous as ever did not present me with that special little thing I'm looking for to complete Sharon's present. I did but lemons and oranges ooh and some fejoia sparkling wine ready for said birthday. Finishing the day with a rather good (if i say so myself) mushroom risotto and plenty of wine. Apparently it's spring but the wind is howling and the house is shaking a little but we're warm, dry, safe and sound. And far far away.....


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