How could I forget Kevin

The tree I brought in a pot three years ago has been in a sad state for while but I think he may be making a comeback. I do hope so

Christmas Time

Clearly I need a project like 'The August break' to keep me blogging. What can I say. So nearing the end of the year and blimey it seems to be gathering pace at this point. Maybe more later on that.
After years of shift work and never really minding that we worked Christmas and/or New Year, we appear to be all...indeed.

Started Christmas Day with breakfast in the garden. 
Christmas day had a sunny start, so breakfast in the garden, then a pop into work to deliver baked mincemeat  goodies, then off for lunch. We had a great Christmas day lunch with friends, with all the right ingredients; food, bubbles, silly games, kids, food, chat, all rather good I must say.  We had loads of cards and presents and are very grateful to those posting stuff to us. I need to apologise as I was rather late this year and with a resolution to be better in 2012 I say thank you.

A snapshot of the cards

More photos to follow, as Adam took some great shots of the crowd at lunch and I haven't even got started on the decorations at work.


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