Number 28

It still counts, I think, even though I didn't grow these onions. They're spicy and crunchy and rather lovely so there you go. Despite feeling generally down, off colour, homesick and rather blue (which I think it too closely linked to needing a hair cut), number one coming up soon. Big smile.

Carrot and corriander cake

Carrot and corriander cake, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
For Em.
Well to clarify the recipe below is for courgette cake as promised but it appears I don't have a picture of the cake (more loaves really) that I made. It's not courgette (well Zucchini over here) season so this pic will have to do until I make another zucchini cake next summer.
The lovely Caroline gave me this recipe shortly after arriving in New Zealand and I have made it a few times without any problems that I can remember. The quantities below make two loaves
Here you go:

In one bowel (a large one) start with
    3 eggs
    3 tbspns vanilla essence
    1 cup oil
    2 cups sugar

Mix together well then add
    2 cups grated courgette

In another bowel sieve together
    3 cups SR flour
    1 tspn cinnamon
    1 tspn salt
    1 tspn cloves
    1 tspn bicarbonate soda
    1 tspn mixed spice

Then mix everything well together and finally add
   1 cup mixed nuts/fruit

Bake at 350 F for one hour

I uses loaf tins, but guess you could use any appropriate receptacle. Thinking about it I have made it without the nut/fruit mixture and it still was perfectly fine.

Day 263

So it's been 263 days since my birthday and today would have been Nans birthday so I have worked hard in the garden and brought a lemon tree in her honour. I planted a few things and thinned out the carrots and beetroot that is coming up. I dug over the new patch for the the raspberries but we couldn't get the trellis into the wall, so that will have to wait till tomorrow and another trip to Bunnings.
As for the trellis, I didn't realise buying some would be so complicated, nor impossible to get into the car, thankfully we have a roof rack. I was quite impressed with getting it tied on safely by myself.
It's been cold and wet out there today and I looked quite the part by the end of my efforts. Winter may well be here. I had hoped for a bonfire tonight to celebrate Independence Day and Nans birthday, but the hot dogs will be eaten by the fire indoors and the budwiser will be just as tasty. (Only just been able to get Budwiser here, it was the only beer I used to drink so am rather excited about tonight).
There has been some sun though and on day 251 after my birthday we went to Auckland Botanic Gardens for a great sunny walk and inspiration for the garden. We were walking through some trees and I looked up, watching them swaying, thinking they look like cells.....

Happy Birthday Nan


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