The biggest challenge was choosing the colour, well I suppose the biggest challenge was just doing it as painting these chairs is another thing that has been on that list of 'to dos' for a while. Well they are done, and done in time for us to sit in them and enjoy this spectacular summer.

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Rainbow Warrior

Growing up in the 70s and the 80s The Rainbow Warrior was stuff of legends. The images and the bravery of those involved with the campaigns that brought the stupid stuff humans do to the eyes of the world. The whales have always done it for me. I remember the news of the bombing in Auckland but I think I missed out the huge drama that followed it. It is however still legendary stuff so there was no way I was missing out on visiting and going onboard the latest Rainbow Warrior vessel during its NZ tour.
I was rather excited and it was rather cool. Passionate and committed folks spoke to us in various areas of the ship. It was a popular day with lots of volunteers helping the day move along and keep us sweet while waiting - Facebook tells me there was singing on the Sunday.
I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity and wish it and its crew all the best with their upcoming campaigns. And yes I think off shore oil drilling is a daft thing to be doing in New Zealand waters.

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Puhoi River Trip

Well it's been on lists, here, there and everywhere. Written in notebooks, scrappy bits of paper and mentioned every summer. It took one phone call and heh presto we're booked in.
It's a popular day to go, it's the 2nd January, in kiwi land, this is a public holiday, joy of joys, another two days off this week. The transition from shift work may be sinking in.
The sun is shinning, there is a light breeze and a few clouds in the sky, perfecto.
We go upstream first, tranquil and full of bird life. Heading back down we maneouvour around the just starting folks and make our way towards the sea. Kayaking under the main road is kind of fun as we're not in a car in traffic. The noise quietens and the river starts to widen. There are lots of extra books of the river to explore, but eventually we make it to Wenderholm. The very efficient staff are there, help you out of your kayak and then your transported back to the starting point.
Our plan was to return to Wenderholm but the place was seriously packed so we headed to the next regional park north. Blessed we are in this part of the world. Kiwis love the beach in the summer so this one was busy but not in the same league so we were in that water. Bliss. Then some serious soaking up the sun time, with picnic and book. Bliss.
So why did it take us do long, why do 'to do' lists stop you actually doing! I'm addicted to lists but I need to move to the action state. So we may even be painting those chairs soon.


88% it's a pass isn't it.....well actually it isn't a test, it's more that I love a list (2010, 2011).

KT's 2012 book montage

The Street Sweeper
The Speckled Band
The Pillars of the Earth
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
New Moon
Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know: The Autobiography
Breaking Dawn
Full circle
The Dog who came in from the Cold
The Navigator
The Lost Symbol
The Chamber
Death Comes to Pemberley
The Importance of Being Seven
The Tombs
Great Boss, Dead Boss
You or Someone Like You
Fish!: A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

Walk 2 - Goldie Track

So a new year, a new walk, a spot we've never been. The book described the walk as an 'adventure' surely a good idea. It was to involve lots of stream crossings and was for 'experienced' trampers. Don't really consider myself one of those, but Adam has the confidence for the two of use. The choice of footwear was a dilemma but we went for the walking sandal thingies. In retrospect probably the right choice. Though what is needed for this walk is transforming footwear that morphs between boot and sandal depending on what you need. Boots would have been good for the mud, you see there was a lot of mud. Squelchy sloppy type of mud, some pools of muddy water and some holes of mud that you just loose your leg in.
The first part of the walk along the Goldie Track walkway was OK, downhill mainly and fairly muddy, slipping a bit here and there but helped considerably by the large stick Adam gathered for me. Now while I may have thought I was in Gandalf mode as made my way through the middle earth/prehistoric walkway I do think I am much more in the hobbit range, small, round and mainly cowardly, but with faith in my friends - or in this case Adam the saviour.
We get to the Mokoroa stream and then it's up the stream path. Simple. The sign does warn you and the fist bit of clambering over the boulders scared me to be honest, but the stick was doing a grand job and I managed the first few crossings OK. In fact I started really enjoying the crossings, the stream was not in full force and it was walkable. The climbs in and out of  the stream back to the path where another matter and to say I got muddy was an understatement. Why did those we pass manage to not look as muddy.

Careful now

Struggling a bit here

Just a little mud

After the fall

All worth it at Mokoroa Falls

Getting in close to that waterfall - hell I'm soaked anyway and covered in mud

Mokoroa Falls

The path was a bit narrow at times, and remember there was a lot of mud and it was sloppy. So I lost my foot down a hole, quite funny, then a few minutes later, take a real slide and end up in said stream. Adam heard a little cry a loud splash then after walking back towards me saw a foot. My macpac rucksack stood up very well, I laughed a lot. It was a good spot to fall in, not a long drop and not many rocks around. Now I have done the mud with full effect. I am caked in it and wet. On we go.
Not much further and to be fair the last ten minutes or so of the path I'd had enough of the mud and trying to keep my balance on a narrow path.
Then we get to the Mokoroa waterfalls and everything we've walked through fades from my mind. It was lovely. Just lovely. I walked as close as could. Lovely.
A snack in the sun, wash the mud off my face and some drying in the sun time, then it was a quick, disturbingly enjoyable uphill walk back to the car park. Stick and all.
Photos by Adam.
Happy New Year to you, a year of adventure I wish for us all.


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