Not blogging but reading

I have regained my reading bug and devoured four books this month. Well, I finish work, get home, sit down and read. Kind of how I've been rolling this month. While of course thinking that I really should do 'stuff'. So much stuff. 

Two of the books will be winging their way to friends in the UK. The Summer Book is heading to Emma along with little notes! The Life and Death if Laura Friday is off to Sharon - will make a perfect read for your upcoming holiday (though hold on, that does mean I need to post it soon), Tom may also appreciate it, if only for the advice about women (but I would't want to encourage anything that distracted him from revision). 

I have been doing 'stuff' as well so will fill you in on the Queenstown trip, more of the 41 walks completed and the garden work. When I can stop reading that is. 

It begins

Mornings. Normally an awakening and a move to work. Up, feed cats, wash, dress, check bag, out the door. With a sip of water or juice before facing the road and arriving at work to whatever it throws at me. 
I've begun to change my beginnings by adding in some mindfulness (using an app of course), maybe even some stretching and a mug of green tea and slowly the days are beginning to change
Then we are gifted long weekends, two in short succession no less, bringing to our days a whole new beginning. 
Waking naturally, then the cats once fed, come to the bed and stay there. We have a warm drink, the sun has been filtering through the blinds (one of the best things of 2104, loosing the curtains). So it begins.

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