Well I had to expand on the photos on flickr and spread my love of SheepWorld. I've managed to visit twice even though I've only been in the country 4 months and really should be exploring more. Having been limited by transport (or rather the lack of it) I took a touristy trip back in April, in rather a lot of rain. I went again when Jason, Yvonne, James and Sophie took a trip (I'm not going to turn down a day out with transport). Better weather the second time and a picnic.
SheepWorld describes itself as a Farm and Nature Park and is located just north of Warkworth, which is about an hours drive north of Auckland. There is a most fabulous sheep and dog show, I learnt a lot about both sheep and sheep dogs. There is a hands on sheep sorting moment, a display of the talents of sheepdogs and a shearing demonstration. Then a wonderful moment to feed some lambs.
The farm has a small selection of animals but is in a wonderful setting. There is also an eco trail, play and picnic area. On my second visit I learnt rather too much about eels and managed to feed one with Sophie - yes too scared on my own - needed a five year old to help!

The shop is full of great sheepskin products and I brought a fabulous pair of slippers that are keeping my feet quite toasty now the weather is a bit chilly. I will be going back when Adam arrives, but probably in the spring and will savour more of the goodies from the cafe.


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