Balance required

It appears the combination of a new job and visiting in laws has wrenched from the ability to do anything! Well maybe a slight exaggeration but it feels like it. The flowers didn't arrive for my mothers birthday - though I did at least remember to phone. Several other birthdays have been missed. I have a stack of postcards that I have dutifully brought on various outings waiting to be written, there is even a rather amazing gift to be posted. Does 'sorry' quite do it? Will I be forgiven?
Stupid tasks around the house and garden have not been done - everywhere I look there are reminders of my ineptitude disorganization and general inability to do. Maybe I'm too hard on myself but maybe the scales have tipped too much in favor of work. You see I love my new job and there are so many things to learn, projects to tackle and generally things to get a grip on. It's brilliantly exhausting and clearly taking my all, well that and trying to adjust to Monday to Friday working after 20 years of shift work.
The in-laws are on a ten week visit which is coming to an end soon, we haven't traveled around as much as last year but we showed them the Coromandel and more of the Auckland region. There has been birthday BBQs, train rides, fireworks and lots of cake. They love being here and Adam has someone to take fishing, plus he and his dad have tinkered about with the van and the car! However it's made it difficult for me to find the routine I thought I'd get with this job as they arrived before I took up this new post. So still looking for that balance.
Well a weekend of WOMAD won't have done me any harm, booked an annual leave day and after just a little melt down hit the road in the van and have had a fabulous time. Really but remember to book the Monday off as well next year, so we won't be traveling back through the night having left after The Black Seeds. Brought a stack of clothes - none of which I'll able to wear to work, though the henna tattoo will still be there!


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