Toots and the Price Tags

A fashion blogger in the making if ever I saw one. 

Thanks to this blog post  which happens to be a great regular read for me on a saturday morning lazing in bed with the cat stretched out on me causing my legs to go numb. I was pointed in the direction of this - finding my fashion blogger name. Genius. 

Toots and the Price Tags

I could go far. 

What would your fashion bloggers name be?

Walk 38 - Rotorua

Ahh yes, still on that weekend away which was now 2 weekends ago, but that is how I roll. Little in the way of photographic proof but my new obsession (really, I need to review a few things here) can help, if it is evidence you are after.

We started off by strolling the lush grounds of the museum and the steaming pools just dotted around. Then heading to the lake side we followed the pathway round sulphur bay and onwards. This brings you to the city lakefront, with the play park, coffee, market and boats. All you need really. 

Yes, I am a fitbit fan. It has produced some interesting insights into my lifestyle. Not that I didn't know I wasn't active enough but as a visual learner seeing a graph makes it more meaningful 

Enough of that chatter, time for the goodness of a weekend away, the lovely lake

A happy man feeding the birds at the end of the walk. 

How to grow spinach

Not sure how this happened. But I have created a spinach tower. Volcanic soil, lots of rain, some warm winter sun and heh presto. The veggie patch may be a little neglected. I look out the kitchen window and plan the spring work to come. 

Walk 37 - Redwoods

A weekend away. A walk. Sunday morning we headed to Redwoods. Oh my. Many memories of the New Forest. Trees, sunlight, walking. Got out of breath, considerably. A good uphill walk for me. Good pace and a wonderful coffee at the end. Why do I always manage to find coffee. Various walks to choose from and we did't even pick the easiest walk. A map paradise, but I controlled myself, though we would definitely visit again when we are around this area. 

August Broke

Thanks to the August Break, August is often a blogging peak for me. Not this year. 
Maybe it's the ease of Instagram, maybe the new job, maybe my natural laziness, anyhoo, it started well but I couldn't stick at it. 
I think the laptop was stuck under stacks of paper, reading, notes, cards and the like. Does it sound like I'm trying to find excuses. 
I did mange the photos, and this year followed the prompts. Now at times I was rushing round the house before jumping into bed (this all sounds very active and I don't think there was a much energy as this implies) to take the photo for the day. At the end of August we had a little break and I lost sense of time and dates, so it may have gone a little awry, but here for your viewing pleasure my August Break


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