Last Week at Work

Well the time had to come and my last week at work was upon me. I cannot thank the guys I worked with during that last week enough as my mind wasn't quite where it normally was. Myleen was a star as were Kiri and Lucy. The last week was very busy and very social.

Monday saw my last sisters meeting at Bills new flat - what lovely bookcases she has! It was a very relaxed night and very little work was done, surely not my fault.

On Tuesday I entered the fantastic world of children's parties. Tom and Molly are changing schools so had a leaving party. High School Musical at the Electric Palace with around 40 children - what an education. I was crying by the end!

Tuesday also saw a little group come over for dinner, again very relaxed and entertaining....can't wait for the royal wedding. Also managed to sell a pair of boots to Katherine.

Worked Wednesday and Thursday and did spend time saying goodbye to people which was draining in a kind of good way. Wednesdays shift ended with a temporary pacing so I was quite happy. Had a meal with my neighbours that night, eating so much food!

Thursday night was at the social club with a few guys from cardiology, again a great relaxed night spent chatting.

Friday night saw my official leaving do, I was so so nervous about the whole thing. Was amazed at the number of people there and couldn't really eat due to excitement, sadness and terror, did drink though, thank you Lizzie for the bubbly. Had a great night managed to chat to everyone and didn't loose it completely! Sally gave me a perfect 'glad your going speech'. Gave a semi OK thank you speech in return but could feel the tears welling up so just shut up and sat down.

What marvelous presents - never thought I'd own a video camera, still working on using it! Thank you all loads and loads. The overwhelming feeling of appreciation, thanks and love was all a bit much and I'm not sure I'm worth it so found it all very hard to deal with.

So Sunday and my last day at the Conquest, very weird mixed emotions, had a great day though, Kiri kept me busy and productive through the morning and I think we then had a record amount of food at a leaving tea party. Great chocolate cake, muffins, coffee cake, scones with spanked cream and on and on it went.

I was seen off the ward with such style, I'll never forget it. Wonderful. A balloon decorated wheelchair was my chariot and I was showered with sprinkle, party poppers and (more) bubbly. A perfect ending, thank you all again.

Such busy times

Well since coming back from Rome it's been all go. An old friend who I've not seen for years popped down from Norwich which was lovely. She had a very stressful drive and was very tired but it was great to see her and catch up. Had an impromptu trip to London with Sharon which was different to day the least. Had fab dinner at a very busy Planet Hollywood and then went to an exhibition, which was very informative...I leave to your imagination. Monday saw a delightful ladies lunch. My closest friends came to visit, we had lunch in the garden and chatted away for hours, plus caused havoc in the parking department! Did not get a picture of us all together - cannot believe it!

All this time I've been carrying on with the packing of boxes and have now finally delivered them to the lovely Lizzie and her very large loft. Took a while and Adam's back still hasn't recovered! (and I still have more to pack!!)

Did have to do some work and had three lovely night shifts and was treated on my last night to a special 'tea'. Very sad times.

Off we Rome

Yes a last little mini break into Europe. This was to celebrate Adams 40th birthday. It was a real break. I switched off from all to do with New Zealand etc and had a great time. The weather was wonderful, we did have a thunderstorm on our first night but that forced us into a little bar with a great atmosphere and great pizza. We soaked up the culture of Rome (food and wine that is) walked loads but did brave the metro. Loved all the sights and had a very refreshing time.

Family Gathering

Had a family get together in Folkestone so I could see everyone before I leave. Also happened to coincide with my sisters birthday (a teenager at last!) and Adams 40th. Lovely afternoon/evening, very relaxed and had a great chance to have a good natter with everyone. Will be strange not being so close but hopefully they will master the joys of emails etc.

Combined this visit with a trip to Dover Castle, many a childhood memory form this place. Took my sister and two of her friends and had a freaky moment when I realised I was the responsible adult now!! Had a great day, sunny, crisp but a wee but windy!

Still packing

Well the boxes are clearly taking over, the flat is a tip and I'm getting very confused where everything is going. Bill came a took all my lovely bookcases today, so flat looking bare and a mess!! Managed to sell a few things last weekend but still have lots to get rid of. A silly amount of lever arch folders - yes I have learnt to throw away the thousands of articles, handouts and teaching things that I have hoarded over the last 15 years.

Also sold my fantastic brown boots, they have gone to a good home - Silin will love them as I have done!

Managing to spend time with friends which I'm loving but will make the leaving all the worse. Have a few more gatherings planned. Off to Folkestone today for a family party to say goodbye to me but also to celebrate my sister becoming a teenager and Adam hitting 40.
Between that and the collection of books on New Zealand I'm gathering I should be all ready for the off in March....
Booked a backpackers in Auckland to stay in when I first arrive.


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