Garden Tidy

Time is flying and I've been meaning to write for ages but here I am with lots of retrospective posts needed. Yesterday we finished a run of three night shifts and nothing too excited planned for the days which then turned into on of those great days. Two wonderful skype calls, a bacon sandwhich and few hours nap in front of 'The Empire Strikes Back'. We then went and found a great gardening place.......loads of plants later, I spent the remaining afternoon and early evening tidying up my flower patch. It had become really messy and the pansies where making a take over bid. So a good clear out and random planting of my new stuff and few things in pots and weeding the path and drive I felt very virtuous (is that spelt right mum?). It is summer and the days are long and warm so eventually crashing indoors about 8.30pm, no cooking for delivery and a large glass of wine.
I've also put a few of our solar lights in so looks great at night.
A slighty different Busy Lizzie plant and an avacodo plant grown from seed.
The little bird brought on the recent trip to the Coromandel (more on that soon)
The gerbera (I really can't spell I know) looks a wee bit out pf place, maybe I should have brought more, but I loved this colour.
A beautiful smelling jasmine plant


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