In the planning

I do like a list, or a plan, or anything project like really. So with only two weeks to go we have a plan. We went round the houses with the possibilities and then the discussion of van hire/storage/shipping, which to be honest we haven't really resolved nor have we worked out exactly how Duncan will get the wardrobe to Folkestone from Darlington, but heh. It will work out, it will change and you know what, that is fine, because as much as I like a plan, I also enjoy a bit of chaos and challenge.
There is much to be done and many people to see, and I get a little tired if I think about it, so I hope we folks understand.

The Trip
1 - fly in land Heathrow 1615 (clearly the flight times (see fly out time) are why the  flight was the cheapest)- stay at mums
2 - up to Folkestone - Dover castle with Dad Shelia, Jane and kids - stay at Dads
3 - day in Folkestone
4 - Canterbury with Dad and Shelia
5 - day with mum
6 - divide and conquer
Adam - gets to Darlington
        KT - gets to Birmingham for wedding at 3pm (need somewhere to stay)
7 - KT gets to Ellsmere port 
8 - with Di
9 - train up to Darlington - sort stuff out there 
10 - drive to The Lakes
11 - at Lakes
12 - back to Darlington 
13 - Drive south - stopping at grandads en route - stay Hastings (Jayne or Lizzie)
14 - sort stuff out at Lizzie's - ?meal out with work guys
15 - couple of days in Hastings
17 - 
18 - 
19 -   
20 - 
21 - flight out - need to be at Heathrow around 6pm - sorry should have thought that flight through a bit better! 

At some point between days 17 and 19 we'll get to see and stay with the wonderful Emma, and there is car hire in there somewhere which Adam has totally under control. 

I have goodies to bring back for folks, and my reading organised, a wedding outfit (that is warm weather dependent), so almost sorted then. 

Rain Forest Express

Taking a moment to look through photos I've been taking over the last couple of months and have been reminded a great trip we did with the in-laws with the rather marvellous name of 'Rain Forest Express'. Being in able to travel into a rain forest and experience the closeness of the trees, learn a little history and see tunnel wetas, all in one train trip, the in-laws loved it and have to say, it was quite fun. The Waitakere ranges are a treat that is so close we enjoy them frequently but we'd never done the train trip. Rather popular, only running certain days/times, booking in advance required and all that, it is very well organised and well run. We were blessed with a stunning day and great views, an all around great day out, though Adam and I did both feel that we'd rather be out walking in the forest, it is a great option if you can't do that. Adams mum made an admirable effort walking up the hill to the dam, a determined woman indeed, so it was great that she was able to enjoy the rain forest at such close quarters.

Our latest trip to the Waitakere Ranges was over the Easter break, now 20 years of shift work means that public holidays don't really register, I've worked plenty and never really minded, rather enjoyed it in fact. Now I'm in a Monday to Friday job, blimey did I enjoy the long weekend and am have clearly registered and marked all the remaining holidays. I have to confess that I was so unaware of the public holidays, I though I came to work on the Good Friday and that it was only Monday off. How joyfully mistaken I was. We were promised terrible weather and we had some of the best weather Auckland has seen all summer (yes, it's autumn now, but you know what I mean). I was in full recovery mode, so didn't take one single pic while walking the Fairly Falls track on the Sunday. Fabulous time, blissfully long weekend.


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