Wake up and smell the roses

Walking around the roses always makes me think of my mum and then my nan. So it's a happy time, but I miss them so. This time I also thought of our first trip to Wellington where I sought out the rose garden in the Botanical Gardens. I took photos of nearly all of them to share and show my mum. Back in Auckland we have the Rose Garden in Parnell as well as the Botanical Gardens, so really never far from my mum and nan at all. 

Auckland Botanic Gardens 2015

Auckland Botanic Gardens 2015

Auckland Botanic Gardens 2015

Auckland Botanic Gardens 2015

Auckland Botanic Gardens 2015
My 2008 Rose Collection. When sharing photos of Roses the names come to life in the same way the fragrance does when you walk by them. These are all from my Flickr photo stream, so you should be able to see the title if you hover or some internet magic thing. These were taken with a Casio EX-Z1000 and I can pretty much guarantee back then I would have been shooting on auto. 

Oranges and Lemons

Auckland Metro

Burgundy Iceberg

Katherine Mansfield


Blackberry Nip

My Girl

Onto 2012 and the Rose Garden at Parnell. Here I am playing with the Hipstamatic app on the phone. the phone has added a whole new world to my photography but in even in the short time since I took these photos so much has changed. 

Week Four. Park Four.

Just getting though the weeks is good enough for me. Yep, at that point again. Switching off has taken a back seat (how pitiful am I), but the parks we've kept going. Week four has us at the Botanic Gardens. It was one of those oh so summer days, grey, damp and threatening full on rain that turned into a warm, blue skied day that I was of course completely incorrectly dressed for. 

The Botanic Gardens is a very popular spot at the weekends, it is great seeing so many people enjoying the walk around the plants. We pick a different route each time, depending on the season, our mood, the weather, our energy. Today it was the roses (but those pictures to follow), plus a sneak preview of the sculpture going up ready for the start of the summer season Sculpture in the Garden which has become a annual blog feature

Week Three. Park Three

Those habits just falling apart everywhere, how long will this one last I wonder. We chose a favourite on a windy Sunday. Murawai Beach is a newish addition to the the Auckland Regional Park group and has a bit of everything. Blimey was that beach busy. I was switching between being caught up in their energy and feeling terribly tired and lazy. We walked the beach, people watched, talked and had lunch. Re-energised by the sea and the breeze. 

Is it one of the most places I write about the most? Just photos here, part of a long weekend, place to walk, as part of a charity effort, when I said goodbye to night shifts with a sunset to sunrise drive, more sunset moments and as place for winter camping.

It was warmer than this looks

The surf guards paying their respects

Energy, motivation. Busy and brilliant.

Week Two. Park Two

Switch off fail. I can sustain a habit for about 3 weeks. Need help with that. 

We did stick with the Regional Park Challenge though. After a Saturday of housework, shopping, job lists, BBQ and firework night with neighbours. Sunday was to be the first swim of the season. Waking up after the late night and the wine, I was wondering really?

But we went. 

We choose a favourite, Mahurangi and packed a picnic. Just getting out of the city I started to unwind. Stopping at our usual spot for coffee en route, watching the clouds and avoiding the phone (so I failed but didn't mean I still wasn't trying). 

That first dive, head under the water and then making a splash with the first few strokes, feeling alive and with energy. 

Then there is the important lying in the sun (I hide in semi shade), lunch, reading, listening to the folks around us, enjoying the wonderful day. 

Adam just lying and drying after the swim

I love it all. The anticipation, the dive under the water, the swim, the way my hair falls once it is sea soaked

New sunglasses

Day 4

Who leaves their sunglasses in a public toilet. Or maybe the question is who takes sunglasses that have been left in a public toilet.  

We got to Lake Moke and no sunglasses. After day two's walking in the bright sunshine knew I couldn't or wouldn't be silly enough to walk for 3 hours without them, so back to Queenstown. 

Not where I left them. Now I have a rule for never buying expensive sunglasses, because if I'm not losing them I'm breaking them. Quick shopping stop. 

Back to the walking.

We've been to Lake Moke a few times, but never none the walk around the lake. It was windy and cooler when we arrived (the second time) so we wrapped up and off we went. 

What a great walk. Undulating, with mountain views, a glorious snack stop and then proving my magical bag packing skills by putting our warm stuff into the backpack. 

One of those insanely happy days. 

Hats, glasses and ready to roll

The black and white version on the phone

The drive to the lake (in the far distance). Blown out sky. Damn this wonderful weather

The colour version on the Nikon with Adam for added value

An insanely happy day

Oh yes

The first half 


What was great about day three was that we set out with a clear intention for the day. A stroll around Arrowtown and visit a couple of wineries. And that my friends was exactly what we did. It was one of those magical 'we have all the time in the world days', there was no rush, no have to be here or there. It was the day the holiday kicked in. 

Just playing by the river

Waiting for our amazing lunch here. If you get a chance, you must go

We are in Central Otago after al. We visited two wineries here and here. Yes, we came home with a few bottles. 

Ah, that river

Strolling around Arrowtown, rarely a bad thing. 

Snowballs in springtime

Day two saw us up in the snow line. Enough to through a snowball or two. The afternoon took us over to Wanaka and a familiar walk, and while I was excellently prepared for the wind, rain and cold temperatures that New Zealand can throw at you, we had blazing sun and clear skies. 

The man enjoying taking photos

Me enjoying standing in snow

When we realise hats add to our photogenicness

OK, when I said snow line, I was stretching it slightly, but we honestly did do the snowball thing


The man waiting for me to catch up 

That will be the spot
Walk number two, and hello Diamond Lake

The blazing sun not helping with the photos, but I have seen what he took and they are amazing. Will the world ever see them - who knows.

At this point, I just kept walking and snapped as I walked

Happy man

Happy view 

Extra happy view. Lying in the shade of the man, I take it all in, oh and have a little nap.

Off the plane and on the road

Day one of our trip to the South Island… 

Happy happy man in Glenorchy

Heading to Paradise
The air and the mountains and boy did I want to just dive into that water
The road to Glenorchy. I take a picture every time. No apologies. 

Well we better have lunch


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