After the night shift

It was a most pleasant night shift, but you have to get the days activity level just right to aid recovery and your return to work on a day shift in two days. So you grab a couple of hours sleep, aided by a lovely cup of tea while snuggled in bed. Then while the rain, wind and sun battle it out for the headline act, you get in the car and go west.
We drive to the Kumeu wine region. New Zealand wine is lovely, just lovely, and what is just as lovely is visiting wineries, sampling wines, chatting with the owners and then buying a bottle or two. Maybe stop for lunch or a picnic. Today was a late start though as those few hours kip are really important.

We started at Kerr Farm Vineyard. This is great, you sit round the table, and Jaison guides you through the selection of wines, he knows when the grapes were harvested, actually he knows a lot, and while we know very little it's all good. Plus the great stories of how some of the wines got their names. We left (having forgotten to use the discount voucher - duh - that's what happens after a night shift), with two bottles of the rather delicious 2007 Pinotage, which the tasting notes describe as a voluptuous wine, to be enjoyed with the best of friends on the verandah for a cruisy afternoon. So come on round, we've got the wine in! Tragically it goes well with chocolate! Oh we also took a bottle of the limited release 2007 Chardonnay and their new venture - 2010 'Bella Rosa' Rose

Next stop was West Brook Winery. Last time we visited this winery, it was summer, there was a band playing and people picnicking in the grounds, lapping up the great view along with the wine. Today, in warm clothes and admiring the autumn colours it's still a great spot. I have to say I wasn't as sold on the wines as I had been in previous visits, until that is, the last wine we try, brought big smiles to both our faces. A 2009 Malbec, rather tasty indeed. I did however get a Rose as well just for good measure and I remembered to use the discount voucher.

Entrance to West Brook Winery
Last stop was Soljans, first planted around 1932, this is one the older wineries in this region. Popular place for lunch - the car park was packed when we drove past on the way to the other wineries, we arrive as the cafe is shutting, so just the wine for us then! Another relaxed and easy tasting, happily getting wines from the cafe that we choose. Out taste for the reserve wines stands out and it's the 2009 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for us. Adam was rather taken by the Malbec here as well, but it was a wee bit more expensive and he couldn't be tempted.

We head back after a great afternoon in some lovely countryside, with a car load of wine, stopping to pick up fresh bread and cheese for a feast of loveliness when we get home, then relax, it's all part of the night shift recovery.

The results of our afternoons efforts


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