Tucked in

It got me, I tried, pretty well actually, but after running a study day and a couple of weeks of really early mornings by body succumbed to the cold. I sat in my office shivering but headed home and tucked in.
I have a great book to dip into just for such times concerned entirely with the art of duvet days.
The head can't read for long but can just listen so making progress with the audiobook of The Count of Monte Cristo. I picked some signs of spring from the garden to cheer the room and I have company.
It's the achy and the headache that consumes and the 10 minute functionally ability that frustrates. I'm not good at being sick.

Say hello wave goodbye

What does my fridge say about me, or is it the contents, or have I got this all wrong and it's the bookcases that this relates to. Either way a new fridge arrived yesterday.
A new fridge has brought a joy and a restlessness that is totally insane. Being a food loving person it's important and my occasional frustration with life and my fridge combine to a form a outburst that is in retrospect just plain stupid. We're waving goodbye to a little fridge that continues to work just fine. It's lost the shelves from the doors and the bottom drawer is cracked and repaired numerous times. It was a gift from a friendly soul and has done us fine for at least two years, but it could be more. It's just a bit small and the lack of shelves (they went through many repair stages before finially cracking beyond repair. The fridge was old and faithful but no shelves could be purchased. So I went on, rising to the challenge of fitting the contents into the limited space. Let's just think of wine, it's a very small fridge.
The decision to get a new fridge was a chain of events, that I will maybe recount another day. Then days of research, opening and closing fridge and freezer doors, the distraction to fantasy shopping - imaging the house we do not own in a place we do not know where - where a fridge would sit. We return to sense, size and price. The white or silver, freezer on the top or bottom, energy rating (is it me or are they all bad), all factors lead to a decision. I faltered at the end and choose a bigger one, technically should fit in the space we have. Adams face led me to worry until it was finially pushed into place. It is technically a bit tight!
The delivery was delayed and traumatized me to a state that a woman really shouldn't get into over a fridge. Still.
It's here. It's not full. There are shelves, the wine and milk stand in the door, along with seemingly hundreds of other items.
I am perturbed as to the logic of storing items in the freezer and if you knew how I stored and ordered our collection of movies this perturbment would not surprise you.
What's next?

Winter blues

My man has the winter bugs, first a cold that knocked him out for days, now a stomach bug that has him looking and feeling awful. He tells me he's been hit by a bus. I plod on, I think he's taking my share for me. That's love.


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