Twenty Second

Choosing the holiday reading 

Feeling sorry for myself and in desperate need of my imminent holiday. I am struggling to choose the reading material to pack. Let us not worry that I'm not sure about whether I have any toothpaste or underwear, the reading is much more important. My latest read was 'In the Kitchen' by Monica Ali. I didn't really enjoy it and there were moments I thought 'this is all too much' and 'life is to short to struggle on with this rather miserable (but well written) book'. I did finish it but I did skip a few pages here and there. I think it was the wrong book to be reading when I could sense my own self becoming more and more tired. I guess it gave me 'at least things aren't that bad' kind of feeling but I never really bonded with any of the characters.
So holiday time then, what should be in the bag....The classic crime series recently published by Penguin has several points in there favour and I happen to have two recent purchases on my shelf. I picked up The Hunger Games series, that might be good holiday stuff. I'd like a least one 'local' book, so I think 'Is that thing Diesel' may be in the bag. I do have a non fiction book about the Great Barrier Reef that should really go along so I can learn a thing or two while (hopefully) lazing in the sun, snorkelling in clear blue waters and generally soothing my aching self. I have a day or two to make my final cut.

Walk 14 - Muriwai

A weekend away was cancelled due to the possibility of bad weather. How stupid is this kind of thinking, in general, but seriously this is New Zealand, it rains, a lot, there are earthquakes and you know what, life goes on. Family who live only 2 hours away should not cancel because the weather may be bad.....I was not heart broken but Adam was disappointed as he likes seeing his brother and spending time with him. The weather was not that bad, there was some rain, OK a fair bit of rain. I mean we weren't talking about spending the weekend trekking through the wilderness we were going to Whangarei for goodness sake. I need to stop now and talk about the great walk we did have. Sunday saw us heading off to Muriwai Beach. The sun was out, the breeze was light but enough to clear the mind. I may have mentioned this wondrous place a few times before, um here and here oh and again here. So a special place it is. It's one of those amazing beaches that you can't see the end of, allowing you to walk and walk. We did. The furthest we have ever walked on Muriwai and boy am I out of shape. I didn't take many photos as it was a day for walking and pondering, people and dog watching, admiring those doing the life saver training and gawping at the surfers. You'll be glad to know that in true fashion and tradition of most of the places I walk there is a delightful coffee shop were we could stop for refreshments. Phew.

Rather excited as this one made Explore on Flickr


Seventeenth, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
For lunch, not breakfast. With a pork pie, which I guess negates any health benefits. Rather delightfully whizzed up from banana, frozen mixed berries, yoghurt, honey and some LSA.


Fifteenth, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
The garden has sort of been neglected (actually totally neglected) but the carrots have struggled on and despite my neglect (or maybe because of it) they seem to be nearly ready for eating.


thirteenth, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
Tired and pummelled (is that the word I want) by the physio I'm in bed by 8pm. Tea and a little reading before sleep.


Eleventh, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
I know it's a rental but I have to paint. The bathroom needs warming up and I think yellow is the way to go. Wild Thing I think is the winner


Tenth, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
Out on a Saturday night to celebrate a friends 40th birthday. Groovy bar, lots of friends, DJ playing a fairly random selection. I reckon I'm a bit introverted as these types of things don't rock my boat totally, probably explains why I am always the drinker. Well not this night. I was the driver, by accident really. When Adam was delivered a shot and another beer and then something I think was rum and coke I figured I drive. So I worked through the non alcoholic cocktails, a lot of lime and soda and did really enjoy the bubbly I sipped. Actually since Dry July my drinking habits have changed considerably. I had a good night, Rachel had a good night. A little drama always is good at these events, and there was some - i was the sober one trying to keep the calm and do a bit of deescalating. Quite fascinating. I did get a couple of comments about me being child free and therefore how easy my life must be, which slightly peeved me and how my job can't be as stressful as......I think this told me more about them then the actual comments there were making. Only downside DJ didn't have the Duran Duran song I wanted and when given a free reign for him to chose anyone, he chose poorly


Eighth, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
Tis a routine. Every night the cat will sit, actually demand to sit, on my lap. It is rather lovely. He is rather funny. He clearly is in charge.


Seventh, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
So today I managed to get out of bed and went to work. Enough said.


Kiwis don't call these cookies melting moments. A melting moment in New Zealand is a completely different type of cookie. But to me these are melting moments and they are a frequent point in my life. A cookie that transports me to my childhood and happy happy memories. A cookie that exudes the love it is made with, years of love, getting on for years of sharing as well. See here and here oh and here.

Cream the butter and sugar. Well the mixer does

Beat the egg, then add to the butter and sugar mixture

Getting creamed

Add the egg, then the flour. mix, then roll into balls

Roll the balls in oats

Add a cherry on top. The recipe I have says a cherry halve and I have spend time cutting cherries in half. No longer. 

Bake for 20-25 minutes

Then eat. 


My August Break seems to be about creating traditions, or maybe I lack imagination. This quote comes from a jar my mother gave me when I left the UK. It's called '365' wishes for my daughter and it is delightful. I don't delve into everyday - well 5 years on and I'm still working my way through them. It's soothes yet extends the heartache of living away from friends and family. I stayed away from work today, sick, slept all day, so I needed a wish from my mum and this was it. So I think that is her way of saying get back out their girl. 


Fourth, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
Hung up the washing and looked back at it while waking into the house, for some reason it made me smile. One of those big happy smiles. It's the joy in the little things I guess. It was colourful and it wasn't a line a blue uniforms which due to necessity is all that seems to be getting washed at the moment.

Back to the Zoo

With Joni Mitchell's 'The Circle Game' playing away in my head I see through this blog time going around and along. Back here and here  we headed to the Zoo with Poppy. A friends little girl. Both times it's been winter and last time it was August so took a staring role in the August Break. Here we are again. This time it was Poppy and her sister Willow. Where are my years going.
The girls devoured the sushi for lunch. For a child free couple they were a dream to feed

We've all been to the zoo a few times, but still needed help to get to the kiwis

Every single water fountain had to be used. This day wasn't so much about the animals 

The sushi wasn't enough......

Very willing participants in my desire for photos of footwear

The marvel of the timer option. We had several attempts and gave up in the end

A traditional part of a zoo trip. Sit on elephant and have photo taken

Winters sun and seals. 


A busy fun day after a long night that had me awake at 2am for goodness sake. There was a moment of peace. It was rather lovely.

Breakfast Favourites

Breakfast Favourites, originally uploaded by KTandCoffee.
I was very jealous of all the breakfast shots on day one of the August Break. Getting out of bed and leaving for work by 0610 is a big enough challenge, to which we have recently added drinking a large glass of water before leaving the house. Work is full on from the second I arrive. So breakfast rarely happens, well other than the flat white made with soy milk that I grab in between jobs and things! It's a shame as breakfast is totally my favourite meal. I love the weekends and lazy breakfast in bed or heading out for breakfast and damn fine coffee at one of the many fine eating establishments Auckland has to offer. So I loved seeing the breakfast shots. This mosaic was a few of my favourites. Thank you one and all, please follow the photo back to the original contributors.


Leaving work too late and the garden being in darkness was no reason not to get the traditional first photo of the August Break; see 2012 and 2011


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