A Return

After 18 months away from the UK, I head back for a three week holiday. I fly in three days time and really am not that organised - though the suitcase is out and I've packed the undies!

I have mixed feelings about the trip, joy at the two weddings I will go to, happy to see folks, but scared as to where I fit in, now I've been out of their lives for so long. It took a while to pin friends down and confirm meeting up, was I worrying or over planning as ever?

I now have some fixed meetings, places to stay and things to do, so I'm happier. But I'm going to miss my garden, I've been loving the changes I see each day. I'm going to miss Adam, we have such great adventures together. Is it wrong to be feeling like this? But I'll be flying back before I know it and will marvel at the great changes in the garden, and plan camping trips with Adam. So life is all good.

Reading material

A shot of recent reads and a couple of books that I've been lent, ooh and one new acquisition. A recent dinner at some friends (two and half hours of constant chat) led to a rather exciting invitation - to a book club! The pressure of reading a book within three weeks might be a bit much but I am really looking forward to it - I think looking forward to be given books to read that I might not normally is the big thing, but also the thought of just chatting about books with folks is appealing. Will keep you informed.


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