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Inspired while reading. I either need more shoes or I have it just right. Happy New Year

Walk 28 - Northhead

It was a sudden decision to head out. We walked round Northhead. The walk that takes you close the sea, round the edge, along a great path. Watching the fishermen, the boats, the clouds. Wondering at the remains from World War II, which seems a million miles and years away. Listening to the sea, the wind. I did some random yoga while Adam took pictures of the he most amazing stairway. Stairs into the rock, with trees and the roots winding around. It was a stairway from an adventure story. I'm thinking Clive Cussler and the Fargos but take your pick, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft any would work. We didn't take this wonderful stairway but continued close to the sea, watching the blue, thinking of swimming, diving below. The huffing back uphill restored my soul. I had nothing on me. No camera. No phone. No pictures, just my words from this walk.

Oh there is a picture of what I was doing just before we went I out.

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Walk 27 - Tawharanui

Repeated walks do count. Especially at Christmas time. Particularly when they include a swim (more of a general play in the waves to be more accurate).  Tawharanui Regional Park is worth the drive.
Kiwi camping style 

It was much warmer than it looks
The main beach as seen from the start of the walk
The laugh says it all - I do love swimming in the sea

It was beautiful and these pictures don't seem to have done it justice. 

Quite impressed with new iPhone…..

Dirt under my fingernails

The garden has not been a big feature this year, shame as fantasy garden is one of my favourite pastimes. Today was a day to mark though so I sit typing this post with the dirt still under my fingernails - it was that exciting - we mowed the lawn. 

Feeling rather grown up but yet still childlike and rather excited, as the last time I mowed a lawn was probably in my grandparents house, we mowed a small section of the lawn. Our new purchase was inspired from broken solar lights. We rent our little house (another fantasy game there but too painful to write about) and have the lawn mowed as part of the rent, but a few broken pots, several sliced plants and then the solar lights smashed meant we thought we'd be better off just doing the lawn ourselves. No small feet and a decision we may wonder at in the future, but for now it's all exciting. It's a fair size garden and I really enjoy working in the garden - I enjoy sitting in the garden drinking gin more but I do realise that some effort has to be put in. 

I suffered today with a most impressive rash from who knows what that drove me to the heavy duty cream and the drugs - that's what you get for weeding. 

Early 2014 is a busy social time with lots of visitors so the pressure is on to finish some long overdue projects - mainly the gin drinking zone - so I will endure the rash, take the drugs and get on with it. 

Reading list

A years worth of reading laid out before me. The goodreads challenge exceeded. A lot of learning and some light relief. Could well sum up the year in general. 

Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace ... One School at a Time
The Summer Without Men
The Mystery of Mercy Close
The End of Your Life Bookclub
Wishful Drinking
The Uncommon Reader
Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore
Nothing to Lose
Gone Tomorrow
Oh Dear Silvia
Mary Ann in Autumn
Cards on the Table
Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing And Succeeding Under Any Conditions
The Elegance of the Hedgehog
The Comfort Of Saturdays
In The Kitchen
A Study in Scarlet

Walk 26 - Wynyard Quarter

Out of time, out of sequence. Down but not out. A belated post from September. The walking continued.

I think they call it urban transformation, or reclamation. Either way the waterfront that had no appeal unless you like bulk liquid storage tanks is being transformed. There are still a fair few of the large tanks around, but the place has over recent years morphed into a place to visit, play, eat and walk. We parked in the city and crossed over the bridge before walking into the area know as Wynyard Quarter. The sun was out, New Zealand was still in the running for the Americas Cup and red socks were selling fast. It was a great day to explore. It was a camera day too and I decided to shoot in black and white and focused on people and what they were doing. It was a day of scooters and basketball it seems. There was a interesting exhibition on women in architecture, we took the stairs and looked down on the action. We walked to the end and admired the boats, watched the fishers. Of course we ate, we didn't do the whole lunch thing, just a rather good coffee and biscotti. If you are in Auckland for  a few days, need to stretch you legs in a slow people watching not many shops kind of way, this is the place. If you have kids, this is defiantly the place as the play ground looks amazing. Remember there is coffee, there is always coffee.

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