Mixing it up

Slacker that I am, lounging around with a bad back, if I think about it, it started to go awry a few weeks ago. Surprise Saturday moved to the Sunday, then Friday night movie night moved to Sunday morning.
Surprise time then and it was my turn and I choose another museum, this time to see the National Geographic Exhibition at the Auckland Museum. I loved reading the specs on the photos, I loved the stories and while the overall winner wasn't my favourite it was very poignant. The journalism story board of the ivory trade made me sick to the stomach and I wonder what we are up to as a human race.

Movie morning then brought back all sorts of childhood memories of morning cinema trips with my brother. It was coffee, not wine as we got the tickets at The Capitol and settled in to watch this movie. Not without making an entrance though, Adam dived up the stairs, laying flat down and not spilling a drop of coffee. Class.


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