First week at work.....

Well then, time has moved on but I've been without Internet access so I'm a bit behind in updating you all.

I managed to get a place to live and moved in on Sunday, starting work on Monday - four 12hour shifts!

CCU at Auckland city hospital is a 22 bedded unit, but splits the staffing into 11 acute beds and 11 step down beds. A major difference that I'm still getting used to is that all the patients are in single rooms. The central monitoring area is in a room so the patients seem very far away.

It has been very easy settling and it is very similar to the CCU I'm used to. My second shift staff had to move to another ward that was short staffed, that day the charge nurse had to argue over the appropriateness of an admission. I've also noticed that infection control nurses are the same the world over. The unit is quite busy with several admissions and discharges in a day and a fair few procedures are done. There are 3 cath labs an an EP lab with lists morning and afternoon in all the labs.

The nursing team here is very multicultural but my second shift the English nurses outnumbered everyone else. I've been given lots of hints as to maximising days off and lots of invites to use beach houses that many staff here have. There is lots of talk of wine, many chocolates are consumed and I was delighted when on my third shift the nurse I was working with went off to do a coffee run (great lattes served here).

So far so good you could say, but I didn't really come here for the work! I'm off over Easter to enjoy the warm weather and more wine.

I'm still not on the Internet at home so will be a little while until my next post - hopefully by then I'll have some photos for you.

Well I never

Did you know that here in NZ you have to pay to try on wedding dresses!

Life in a New Zealand Backpackers

Settling into life here at the backpackers, in a great spot next to Mt Eden shops and coffee places. Walk up Mt Eden itself everymorning, managed it for sunrise yestaerday which was spectacular - and very quite - normally a hot spot for tourists. Had a good chat to some english people the other evening - felt like the old wise woman as they were young skinny travellers. Did upset some people this morning as I was on skype and disturbed them - quite concerned how I managed to do that given the location of the computers etc - but heh ho - he was also very young - not english though wouldn't want to guess at what nationality.

One of the great joys howver of backpacker life is trying the free food that is available - I'm currently sampling various makes of peanut butter.

However still slightly jet lagged and am waking at 4am most days - did make it till 5am this morning however so that's progress. The place dosen't really come to life till after 8am and keeps going till after midnight though not in a bad noisy way. I however am well asleep by then.

Will spend the week trying to find somewhere to live, will probably start work next week. I'm going to try and stay in this area as it has a good feel and lots of great shops, plus the walkk up Mt Eden is very good exercise!!

Sorry still no pictures you'll have to put up with wordy offerings

Greeting from New Zealand

Well here I am.

Fight was good, though very long. Service, food and wine selection all excellent with Air New Zealand. Had worried myself silly over weight of the bags, clearing customs with custard creams and walking boots, but all was fine fine fine. Rachel and Poppy were there at the airport to meet me so all was well.

Kept going most of that first day - out of airport at 0630 - had walk on beach, lunch out etc, crashed out at backpackers by 3 in the afternoon and did manage to sleep all night.

Had very productive day on my second day in NZ, got oc health clearance for work, opened bank account, new sim card for mobile, all rather exhausting considering I started the day early with a walk to the top of Mount Eden.

No pics for you as yet as I'm at the backpackers and can't upload anything, but just you wait.......

Living on Rescue Remedy

Well I had no idea how hard these last weeks would be.......apart from being in general denial, trying to destroy the computer and use up cooking ingredients I'm really loosing it. However things go on, so the farewells and last visits continue.

Emma and Hamish came to visit, lovely afternoon, had great fish and chips and did a bit of shopping in the old town, all rather great.

Had a break down after a bad hair cut and poor Adam got the hysterical phone call at work, but then was rather relieved when he saw me as it isn't that short and yes, I know, it will grow.

Lovely night out in Folkestone with Jane, despite the lack of strongbow, all too sad leaving her however and sobbed most of the way back to Hastings.

More sad goodbyes when I popped into work Tuesday, but did have a great lunch with Jayne, Lizzie, Sharon and Beckie. Morning out with Sharon on the Wednesday and then saw her again in the evening.

So, generally in denial regarding the packing having spent the rest of the time being with Adam, playing crazy golf, eating out and generally having a lovely time.

Spent the weekend up in Folkestone, great meal out with Dad, Shelia and Duncan on the Friday, good mooch round Folkestone, along the beach and warren on Saturday, enjoyed several afternoon pints with Dad (Strongbow now back on). Quite night in with mum, pasta and a DVD that night. Spent Mothers Day trying to get 7 people having lunch together, didn't quite manage it but had a great day anyway and more importantly so did mum. Saw some of the family and was able to say cheerio. Again, tough and sad, much much harder than you think when you start planning as this stuff!!

So here I am, flying on Tuesday and I'm failing at the packing, I've never been able to pack light so this is a real struggle. I'm worrying about the customs, paperwork, starting work....etc etc... as on rescue remedy.


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